Saints Row 4- The Problem and How it Will Likely Be Solved

Saints Row is part of a fast growing series in the gaming industry. It was started as an open world crime game where the player’s created character gets involved with a gang called the Saints. As the story progresses into Saints Row 2, that same character becomes the leader of the gang, being one of the most ruthlessly violent characters around. With the releases of Saints Row: The Third, player expected that same aggressive feeling. Fans craved the brutal character that they created, that they became. In order to attract a new fan based developers, Volition, and publisher, THQ, decided to take this serious yet humorous franchise in a new direction. While fans of the series longed for the next installment of the Saints Row series following how the games were in its past, what they were given was something totally different; a funny, cheesy storyline and so much outlandish content that the game was about making a fool of yourself more so then being the well respected kingpin as the player was before.

Unfortunately, this created a problem. Saints Row: The Third was advertised with this unbelievable, outlandish content which lead players with that taste to the new game. The newly acquired audience fell in love with the ridicules game while the fans felt betrayed. This of course created a problem, where nearly half of the fans wish for the series to go back to its roots; to create another game with respect and humor when appropriate, while the other half of Saints Row’s fan base wants more stupidity and more crazy content. These are two different groups who have completely different viewpoints about the same game. This put direct conflict on the developers; while the next installment of the series is in development, which kind of game do they make to please which set of fans?

Dealing with the issue will pose to be one of the toughest challenges that a gaming company can face. They are the kind of people who are constantly working hard to please their fans, they want each and every person to love the game but that is impossible, especially in the predicament that they are placed in. Saints Row 4 had been confirmed to be in production, fans of the series past already outraged with the announcement that the “Enter the Dominatrix” expansion pack is going to be part of Saints Row 4 instead of an addition to The Third. They are already worried that with the content announced for that pack that Saint Row will never have the same gangster feel while the other group of fans can’t wait to get their hands on Saints Row 4 because they wished to have been able to buy that expansion pack. This is a problem that is being highly stressed in the creation of Saints Row 4. Who to please and who not to please; they both want something so different. So what’s the best thing they can do?

Although no content has been officially announced for Saints Row 4 besides the incorporation of “Enter the Dominatrix”, it is believed that Saints Row 4 will have to keep a dramatic storyline while keeping outlandish activities. Even though hardcore fans wish to see the return of activities like fight club and street racing; it is likely that the more bizarre activities will be included in Saints Row 4 because activates along with weapons are what is most appealing to the news fan base. What will be likely kept for the previous fan base is a strong Saints Row feeling story. In Saints Row: The Third the story was far less violent, harder to follow and nowhere near believable. What would be nice is if they brought back some of the ruthless violence and some of the old characters in the next installment; that would please any fan of the previous games. It is going to be a very tough act to balance but with the right incorporations they can end up pleasing both sides to the argument.

Think about it this way, if they did make a more serious storyline again the nut cases that love Saints Row: The Thirds insanity can incorporate whatever weapon or outfit that they would like in that violent setting. This would add humor into the game without having the actual game try too hard. Instead of being virtually turned into a toilet to battle, your character can be dressed in a bathrobe with curlers in their hair wielding the now classic large purple dildo. In that case it would be a choice whether the player wanted to dress in full out gang attire with their pistols or have it funny with another choice in outfit, both sides would be happy. When a serious player is forced to do something dumb that they had never envisioned their main character doing and funny players are forced to do something too serious the problem is created.

There are two sides to every argument and in the gaming industry the change in the Saints Row series is a hot topic to discuss. While one player wants their character to be serious the other wants to be humorous. One player wants to rob stores at gunpoint while the others want to dance down the streets of Steelport cracking farts in jars in people’s faces. Whichever way you like to play the game the only thing that matters is that you enjoy how you are playing the game. It is impossible to make every player happy but when Volition is faced with such a problem they are forced to think of both sides of the argument and make a game to the best of their ability as to what each different person will enjoy. After the complaint heard by previous fans over Saints Row: The Third they are going to have to make the next installment more believable but also with all the new fans they gained with Saints Row: The Third they are going to have to keep the over the top humor.

What would you like to see be done with Saints Row 4? Which side of this argument do you side with and if you were in charge what would you do with the series? Leave a comment below voicing your thoughts. Creating a game is nothing without fan input!

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  1. They should cater to both with a serious Saints Row and a spinoff for the goofs. Dice has done that in a way with Battlefield: Bad Company 1 & 2 and Battlefield 3. Bad Company has a squad of goofballs and misfits “saving the day” with good action and humor. Battlefield 3 brings the serious tone of war and terrorism.

  2. I love SR2 storyline, but i dont like with the game play, GTA IV gameplay is better then sr 2. But i love sr:tt gameplay somuch, i think i’ve got no problems with sr:tt, but the fans are complaining about the storyline. So maybe u hve to make sr4 with more serrious storyline and more wild actions

  3. King Webstar // August 14, 2012 at 12:14 am // Reply

    I think they should mix them all up .Bring the hydraulics and platinum jewelry ,crowns from 2 AND 1 but allow us to be able to call for back up like 3 the creation and outfits was the best in two but sucked in 3 and 1.Respect Saints row as a gangster game cause there is not enough gangster games out there .Mafia sucked godfather 2 was okay .Multiplayer was good on 1 but two was terrible showing were we are on the map and a short time period and people cheat way to much .combine them all into one .All the saint rows .And it would be a bomb game.weapons and vehicles from 3 ,from 2 all the creation and clothes ,like crown,pimp cane ,from one the jewelry ,loan place ,music was better in 1

  4. King Webstar // August 14, 2012 at 12:22 am // Reply

    then you would have a bomb game.
    It is like chucky. at first he was serious and made people afraid of dolls.the more they kept doing movies the funnier he became .
    Now it is not scary at all a big joke.
    Same thing with saints row.
    2.More Gangster
    3. not gangster and a big joke to immature audiences.
    I thought you had to be mature to buy this.
    Come on like I said There is not enough Gangster games on 360 or ps3.
    So with the row we had our chance to wear a crown and pimp cane shotgun.
    Spinner Rims and Jewelry and all.
    So please don’t take the Gangster from this game!!! Email me I

  5. King Webstar // August 14, 2012 at 12:23 am // Reply

    I can tell you what would make saints row 4 the best game ever

  6. King Webstar // August 14, 2012 at 12:25 am // Reply

    So please ask me and We could make it happen

  7. The game is all over the place we want the gangster feel just like in Saints Row 2. In SR3 it feels like they’re a joke, they’re not getting taken seriously what happened to the Boss? Why did he/she get so soft? The boss is educated now? What happened to this boss being funny, mean, and not giving a damn? Just like Johnny said the saints traded their dicks in for pussy.

  8. King Webstar // August 16, 2012 at 4:13 pm // Reply

    Meanie you are funny .
    I agree fully.

  9. make it more like sr2 and just add stupid stuff in the free roam or the actual story serous and dlc stupid

  10. I would prefer a nice balance of humor and seriousness with the ability to choose what kind of character you want to be and not have one forced on you.

  11. I only feel this series is funny due to the fact that you can drive a smart car off a skyscraper and beat up random citizens on the street

  12. I felt that #3 was terrible. They should bring back more serious guns. I know it took place like in 2016 but in 2016 gangsters arent gunna beat people to death with dildo bats, shoot octopuses at each other. They should did the two upgrades for every house and have inside mods in the house like #2, they also cut syndicate tower and powder cribs from the game whiched sucked ass. More stores more than #2. A bigger map steelport seemed like 1/2 the size of steelport. more vehicles cause sr2 had alot of shit. they should of defined the syndicate a little better ( Like give kilbane and mat millers gangs have the underbosses and luitenents be in cuts seens and talk and fuck with the player to). and it seemed like they just abandoned stilwater what the fuck happened to stilwater. And the cut alot of shit out bring all that cut shit back. AND THE BIGGEST FLAW OF THE WHOLE GAME killing gat. they shouldnt of did that. You can put in all that ridicoulous shit but leave what i said in the game. If it where up to me to write the story i would say leave it in stilwater. Make it like 200% bigger and see the city purple everywhere and how it changed. the saints got word of a criminal organization moving into stilwater so they robbed the bank get locked up and escape through the plane but within the 4 or 5 hours they were gone the syndicate took over stilwater and killed alot of saints. and it triggers the war and brings stag in. and they recruit 5 luitenants like in #3. and they manage to take all their turf back, But when you gain turf back you can loose it . But at the end killbane or loren escapes stilwater to steelport. triggering sr4 in a better designed steelport. The boss locks down stilwater and leaves with gat, shaundi, and pierce to steelport to finish off the syndicate……….Now aint that a better sr3 its not full but aint it better. They say sr4 is coming out 2013 not that far away if it sounds the same i aint gunna but sr3 really pissed me off and got bored fast and was to easy to beat and had no side mission

  13. They should somehow make 2 sets of voice acting and let you choose different things to say or, like making choices in the game, say the antagonist leader is holding a party, either select kicking down the door in mascot suits and beating everyone up with dildo bats, or come in by helicopterwith ‘class’ or ‘swag’ it would give the ultimate control lf being a leader in the game, also choose how the saints see you in gang customization, either as a gangster or a crime boss, personally i would go with crime boss bjt it would work, depending on what actions are chosen, depends on how rival gangs or crimefzmilies react, humorously, lr seriously

  14. Sorry for the typos

  15. Its not that difficult, make more choices. The choices will otherwise lead to a more serios game or a more humorous game.

  16. I loved both games for completely different reasons. really I think they can do no wrong. what I do want to see is a way to upload our own mp3s into the playlist to truly customize it.

  17. I’m one of the newcomers to the series, but I’m an old gaming vet. I loved SR:TT and I’m working through SR2 but as of right now its the insanity of SR:TT that i’m loving.

    It seems the trend of late that all games must be serious, and I’m seriously sick of it. The last FPS I actually had fun with, not just be entertained by, was bulletstorm followed by borderlands 2. They are rare examples today of games that don’t take themselves seriously, and just let you have insane fun, which is why I ranked Bulletstorm over Borderlands 2.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like an epic storyline as much as the next guy, but right now the games industry seems to be missing the comedy versions of other genres, SW:TT filled the avoid.

    SR:TT for me was a breath of fresh, it was pure joy to play. I want more of that, I want games to be fun, outlandish, and over the top.

    As for fans of the series, well sorry to burst your bubble, but as an RPG fan that has seen nearly every RPG series get gutted for the better appeal, welcome to the club, enjoy your stay.

  18. IMHO, Saints Row 4 should cater to the side of fans that put them on the map, because without them the franchise wouldnt be where it is today.

    After finishing all the dlc for The Third, Im convinced all of SR:TT was just a movie(the saints are now a household name after all), and i really hope they will have a more serious tone in the next installment. With that in mind, It is completely possible to make SR4 more serious, as well as have all the over the top humor the 9 years old like.

  19. Bring back online gang matches!!!!!!!…i promise u u will make double/triple the $ u wuld without it…thats what every1 LOVED about saints row 1 and why no1 from sr1 bought sr2 or 3…and u need protect the pimp!!!!!!!…best game mode of any multiplayer game EVER!!!!!!!!!!

  20. xAxGx SR Legend // May 1, 2013 at 9:48 pm // Reply

    Gang matches will generate much revenue for the Saints Row series, because it kept us gamers playing for such a long time we’d have our friends get the game and so on and so forth!!! these recent games you’ve released with just campaign is a joke and you must bring back GANG MATCHES!!! Xx American Gangsters xX rank 20 Saints Row 1!!!

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