The Top 5 Sexiest Women of Gaming!

Video Games are filled with some of the sexiest women in the entertainment industry. These women are like super models but better!  Gamers grow attachments to these characters as if they personally know them. They are strong and capable of anything; the limitations are only one imagination. We here at have recently surveyed several male gamers about which characters they find to be the most attractive. The results come out be a surprise but also an understanding outcome. Are guys really all that interested in characters with sexy looks like Bayonetta or do they prefer more of a off hands approach like Anya Stroud? Do they prefer an all around model look or does personality come into play when they crush on a character? Check out which characters cracked our top five list.

5. Tifa Lockheart

Hottie Tifa Lockheart knows how to kicks ass!
Don’t make her put the gloves on!

If anything is wrong with FF VII it is that Cloud countlessly over looks this hottie with a body.  Who doesn’t want a girl who can pack a punch in a bar while making a strong drink?  While wearing a cut off shirt and a leather skirt with suspenders what isn’t there to love about this girl?  Yea she rocks the Ronald McDonald look with her funky red boots but we can over look that.  Since after all who are we kidding, aren’t we looking at another pair of some sort?  Tifa may have bad taste when it comes to boots but she sure knows how to kick ass and take names.  You would think after Aeris dies in the game that she would be screaming THANK GOD!  But actually she is truly the savior of Cloud Strife’s heart and doesn’t mind fighting for her man… literally!

4. EVA

She will bust a cap in yo' ass!
She will bust a cap in yo’ ass!

Ahhh, that spy that loved Naked Snake in Metal Gear Solid 3.  Ah it is to bad Snake is the only one that gets “Naked” (insert Raiden MGS2 joke here) in MGS3.  Any ways all kidding aside this gal can sweet talk you in Russian, Chinese and English.  Even after the mission is over she doesn’t forget where her loyalty stands and finds out how to mix business with pleasure.  The motorcycle riding EVA gets a new name in MGS4 known as Big Mama but even with a little extra meat on her and being hell of a lot older she still shows her gifts off to the world even if Solid Snake looks away(gross mom!).  While we wouldn’t want her pointing a gun at us you can’t help but think of McLovin in SuperBad. “BREAK YO SELF FOO!”

3. Lara Croft

Someone tell Laura to wash her pretty face!
Someone tell Lara to wash her face!

Lara Croft kept getting bigger and bigger boobs in the 90’s.  But this isn’t one of the reasons why this gal is on the list.  The real reason is because well just “look at that punim”, she has model pixellated all over her.  Being a Croft, she has the benefit of being a millionaire with a mansion.  Private jets and boats taxi her around in style, yet she doesn’t have a car named the batmobile.  Lara was actually inspired by a Irish pop star who was quite older that the franchise itself.  But we sure are glad that this little lady who was played by none other than Angelina Jolie was born into creation.  Let’s just hope that the make over she is getting gives gamers new story elements and some sexy scenarios.

2. Miranda

Their is nothing hotter than getting a girl out of her onezie!
There is nothing hotter than getting Miranda out of her Sci-fi onezie!

Nothing in Mass Effect 3 is hotter than Miranda Lawson.  While she does have ties to Cerberus being an Officer and all this bad girl is going places.  While a member of Shepard’s team she has the personality of a woman on a mission.  Yet that doesn’t mean she can’t get frisky every once in a while.  Just don’t let the Illusive man you are toying with his operative.  Being voiced by none other than Yvonne Strahovski who also happens to be a model/actress it makes perfect sense why Miranda is second on our list.

1. Samus Aran

No that thing on her arm doesn't vibrate... to much...
No that thing on her arm doesn’t vibrate… too much…

The most secretive girl of gaming is on our list.  This also happens to be the first woman ever to be a playable character in gaming.  So it is no wonder why she is the best of the best.  With the Chozo bestowing some of their best weapons to the blonde you better watch your tongue around her.  Grappling lasers, morph balls, missiles, even a good old fashioned screw attack will show those Metroid pests not to suck the life out of her.  Yet when gamers first got a look at Samus Aran in a Zero suit we couldn’t believe how much her Varia suit was hiding.  Let’s just say what she wears underneath looks well structured!  Here is to none other than Samus Aran the #1 woman in gaming on out list.  This also happens to be the fictional woman who broke barriers for the rest of them on our list back in 1986!  ~JUSTIN BAILEY~

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