Top 5 Creepiest Characters in Gaming

Gaming has a bunch of different types of characters. There are heroes, there are villains and many other styles along with the rest of them are a slew of uncanny characters out there. After playing many games each with these fearsome characters the questions is asked: which one of these characters is the creepiest of them all? Every game has one of those characters that will send chills down your spin and each for a very different reason. You have characters with eerie attitudes, those characters that make your blood run cold, and those that have a certain degree of insanity that just sets them at a new level of creepy. There are those that are incorporated into the storyline of a game and then those that are just do dangerous that they give the player a petrifying feeling. Out of all the games out there which of these character raise to the top of our creepiness charts?

Witch-Left 4Dead:

The Witch from the Left 4 Dead series is bloodcurdling in different ways then attitude like most creepy characters. This girl immediately makes the player pause as soon as they hear the faint sign of her presence. She wines and cries in the most disturbing ways as the player try to sneak past her. The goal is to get by without disturbing the beast. The Witch is a sensitive to light, sound and the uninfected; she is not afraid to full out attack when any survivor gets near. Once her wrath is being unleashed it is nearly impossible to flea her without taking major damage. The Witch on Left 4 Dead is a character that players literally want to steer clear of at all cost. Her creepy feeling comes from the knowledge of what she can do if she is ‘started’. Stay away from this vial creature and you will save your life, start her rampage and be prepared to say fare well…

The Witch doesn’t have an attitude but her motives are clear. If you disturb her she wants to dead. She can be placed in a number of different areas on each map in the Left 4 Dead series, some of these places it is hard to get around her without disturbing. Once the Witch is started she will squeal and scream while attacking the player who disturbed her the most. The Witch uses her long sharp claws to rip into the skin of her enemy, leaving them almost no way to survive.

The Joker- Batman series:

The Joker isn’t limited to just video games but he definitely has one of the more sinister characters in the gaming industry. He is one of the most classic characters in the Batman series and for good reason. The Joker is well a joker; he enjoys playing tricks on people that usually cause them some kind of pain and suffering. To top it off, this pain is followed by his unstoppable laughter which indeed adds a notch to his creepy belt. He comes up with the weirdest, most unsettling and yet somewhat humorous slogans. Despite his appetence on our troubling scale he is actually loved by many gamers for his menacing attitude.

The Joker is not just your average character either. His appearance is just as troubling as his attitude. He wears his face painted all white and his hair green that sticks out every which way. The Joker has his classic red marking over his mouth, dressing head to toe in clown gear. His means of torturing people come in the form of ‘jokes’ in which he believes to be funny yet they are a way he tortures people…You can’t make a list of creepy characters without including the Joker… that would be just wrong.

J.S Steinman-BioShock:

Bioshock is a game the indelicately has a frightening feel. Being the main antagonist of the first BioShock game isn’t the only reason why J.S Steinman made our top 5 creepiest character list. This man is a proficient surgeon that rose to a well known reputation throughout the rapture. However, his abuse of the unstable stem cell harvest, ADAM, forced the surgeon to loss his grasp on certainty. An insane surgeon takes the cake but this character takes that eeriness a step farther… He takes on plastic surgery and ends up manipulating peoples faces in a variety of horrendous ways and displaying these works of “art” throughout his medical facility.

This is a man that honestly wonders why humans have two of most body parts and doesn’t mind cropping one off. The same goes for eyes, you got two why not chop one out of your skull. He believes himself to be helping his patients when he is really either killing them or forcing them into the most disturbing appearances. This guy also has no problem operating on the corpses of those who have passed; anything to make it look better… or not so much. J.S Steinman is a character that gives an already unsettling game more of a disturbing atmosphere. This insane surgeon isn’t a doctor anyone would want working on them.

Jo Slade-Dead Rising:

Dead Rising has their fair share of bizarre characters in the form of psychopaths, picking just one to appear on this list was tough. Jo Slade has got to be one of the creepiest women in gaming. In the first installment of the Dead Rising series this corrupt cop is encountered in a store in which she has gathered up a few female survivors and is holding them hostage. Her sick mind and slogans suggest that she has been sexually assaulting the young ladies. The survivors can be heard screaming and crying among entry at the wonderland plaza when Frank arrives there at a certain day and time. Jo is clearly unhappy at the coming of Frank in this woman’s clothing store and proceeds to taunt and threaten the women hostages of sexually assaulting them with her nightstick.

Jo Slade’s mindset is upsetting enough but her unsightly look just adds to the lunacy. Even after Frank defeats her, the way she is killed is just plain gross. The most disturbing attribute about her is the sexual references. It is enough to get any gamers skin crawling. Dead Rising has an assortment of creepy characters; it’s what made the game so appealing to so many gamers and Jo Slade has got to be one of the most insane of the game.

Needles Kane- Twisted Metal:

Being the trademarks character of one of the worlds creepiest, most violent video game would set you at number one on the top 5 creepiest characters list. Needles Kane has been around for years but what really sets him apart from the other sinister, scary and just plain unpleasant character on our list is his storyline in the most recent release of Twisted Metal. In this game he proceeds to tell a grim tell of how he has killed his family and is on a mission on hunting down the only one left alive, his daughter. A man killing his family is definitely not a thought that anyone would want to have, but a man killing his family after being driven insane from selling ice-cream, on top of dressing like a crazy clown… Now that takes creepy to new heights.

Needles Kane has multiple storylines in each of the Twisted Metal games. In this most recent release his creepiness is highlighted with how there is someone out there in this world that is probably just like him. His creepiness comes from both his fictional character and that he would be the most likely character on this list to actually exist in ways. Needles Kane is driven by evil, hatred and any other violent or negative emotion one could think of.

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