Girl Gamers – 5 Things Guys do to Annoy Us

Girl Gamers

It is important to note that the statements in this article are not geared to put down anyone gender or to generalize any specific gender to any statement. What it is meant to point out the disappointing commonly seen trends in SOME males to SOME females. Please keep that in mind while reading and proceed with an open heart and opened mind. Nothing is meant to be offensive to anyone in particular, we are here to make a statement for gaming’s future and accepting all gamers of all genders, backgrounds, ethnicities and more.

Most girl gamers have been there- that moment of unpleasant, uncomfortable actions from certain male gamers. They act as if girl gamers are a rare species that they can freely harass, taunt and pick-on with no consequence. As most online bullying has no consequence, neither does the actions of rude males towards female players. Over the years girl gamers have gotten much tougher with dealing with these criticisms and now find these everyday interactions more annoying than hurtful. There are hundreds of different ways male gamers offending girl gamers but which do the lovely ladies of the community find the most annoying?

5. Send Nude Pictures

One of the lesser common annoyances in gaming between certain males and certain females are nude pictures. The craze of random males taking pictures of their private areas and sending them to random girl gamers they met online started back when the Xbox 360 came out with its vision camera. Since then we can comfortably say the craze has died down but yet still poses as one of the top annoyances online.

One thing these perverted guys need to get straight when playing games, every girl you run into online most likely doesn’t think your all that and most likely doesn’t want to see what your packing. Girl gamers join games to play games not to get sexually harassed with indecent exposure over the internet. If you are one of the few guys who do this, just stop… please. Luckily the smart women out there that doesn’t want to view the photographs from random players they meet online can open a message and use common sense about what the image might be and simply ignore the message without opening the photo. We should also not fail to mention video chats… and please girl gamers be mindful of late night Uno!

4. Call us unpleasant names just for being female

Name calling has been a resort for online players since online gaming got popular despite gender. This effects both genders to some extend but specific males tend to take it a step overboard when they are playing with girl gamers. Girl gamers tend to get the worse of the worse bad names and sometimes even made up stories to go along with their names. This trend commonly uses words such as “slut” and “whore” when a male is negatively confronting girl gamers.

The sad thing about this is that it is something that can actually hurt the girl gamers feelings. These specific male player can be playing a game with a female who is as nice as could be and be called names such as these which will make her feel bad about herself. Also when one male in a certain game decides to pick on girl gamers in the game it isn’t uncommon that the other males in the game will begin to taunt as well. Girl gamers are commonly ganged up against and constantly being out numbered can really get on our nerves; hence the reason a lot of girl gamers travel in groups.

3. Think they know what we look like

When a lot of guys see girl gamers online the first thing they do is paint a picture of how they imagine her looking. This can get annoying in two different ways. One way is if it is one of those guys that harassing us by calling us ugly or fat while the other ways is the male that is automatically thinking we are bombshell sexy. It is very annoying when someone is speaking of your appearance when they can’t see you because they really have no clue what you look like.

It is hurtful to anyone when they are called ugly, more annoying when they have no clue but it is also equally as annoying when a random person assumes you’re a sex goddess. Attitudes like this provoke taunting behavior and an all-around unpleasant game. It is distracting to the girl gamers who are involved in the assumption and in most cases the offender will not drop it.

2. Assume we suck

Before the game starts and before there is proof of the skill level of any gamer in that game some male players tend to automatically think girl gamers sucks at the game. This is literally maddening because girl gamers are picked on just for being a girl despite the possibility that she is actually good at the game. Girl gamers have every capability of being just as good if not better at any game then guys do and yet male’s hang on to the last hope that he can bet girls at video games.

When it is looked at as a whole gender plays nearly no role in the skill level of any player. No matter the statistic or which gender you are in favor of it is just plain ignorant to believe that a guy is better than any girl just because he is a guy or vice versa. It is dependent on the player and how much time they send playing the game not about whether you were born male or female.

1. Overly try to get our attention

The most annoying thing a guy can potentially do to girl gamers in an online game is overly try to get her attention. Before anything is said by either player the male takes note of the female’s gamertag or ID and goes absolutely crazy. This is the guy that cannot keep his composure and that repeats himself over and over again in hopes of getting some kind of response from girl gamers. He is most likely squealing saying somthing like “It’s a girl”, “Did you know there is a girl in this game” or saying her gamertag or ID multiple times.

Even if girl gamers do not respond to the menace, he continues trying his hardest to get her attention for the entire game. The girl can do her best to ignore him but that won’t stop this guy from sending her friend requests and messages after the game. These are the guys that girl gamers try to avoid at all cost, the guys that won’t get a spot on the ladies friends list and the ultimate annoyance for girls in gaming.

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