Nintendo’s Wii-U is in the drivers seat this console generation.

Nintendo's Wii-U is in the drivers seat this holiday season.

Even if the Japanese based company had a terrible E3 this year in regards to games for the Wii-U.  Nintendo should not be taken lightly as far as their new home console is concerned.  That will deliver on all fronts of the console war.  How can the Wii-U start the pre-emptive strike you ask?  This piece will encourage you to gear up and go to war with a Nintendo console rather than a 700 dollar Xbox Live service from Microsoft, or a 700 dollar Blu-Ray player from Sony.

The Recon

Let’s face it the simple fact that the 3DS made a turn around was HUGE for the big red machine.  While not everything has come full circle just yet the 3DS shows some pretty tasty features for today’s tech standard.  Some of the lovely things this little gem can do is go on Netflix, surf the net, and play games on the go against friends via a wifi hot spot.  But we have been there done that, didn’t you play a DS, and yes I understand this fact.  However, some of the new ideas being implemented in your 3DS are both entertaining and very addicting.

Street Pass, Nintendo eShop, AR Games, Nintendo 3DS Sound, Nintendo Video, 3DS Camera, Swap Note, Nintendo Zone, and Download play.  Yep that is a long list of new ideas that have come to the 3DS with some exceptions.  Such as the revamped Nintendo eShop which not only serves as Nintendo’s marketplace to buy new games and apps.  But it also allows gamers to rate, to watch  gameplay videos, and download free demos of software released on 3DS.  Just imagine what the Wii-U will deliver at home, if all this stuff is being played on a handheld on the go.

3DS = Recon for Nintendo!
3DS = Recon for Nintendo!


The Strike

While we all are anticipating how much and when.  We should realize a lot of this stuff has been decided already.  Nintendo isn’t going to be in a meeting discussing how much the Wii-U will cost?  Simply because they know and will always know before the general public.  The other thing is Wii-U is not out dated.  This is one of the reasons why Sony and Microsoft don’t know what to do for the next generation as far as performance goes.  1080 p has been around how long for the past 6 years you say?  Yep and don’t expect that number to jump significantly anytime soon.

This is Nintendo’s game to play this generation as millions of gamers are ready to jump all over the Wii-U.  The main driving point will not only be the games however.  It will be the first time Nintendo will successfully create what gamers have always wanted.  A Nintendo based web service for the masses much like Xbox Live, BUT FREE!  Going on to Youtube and realizing your Dad or Mom want to watch the TV and take your tablet on the go.  Asking your girlfriend if she wants to play scrabble and busting out the tablet to pass around.  These are all ideas that are in Nintendo’s head and it is just seeing a forest of green money.

Mario meets 5 Players... talk about feeding a family
Mario meets 5 Players… talk about feeding a family

The Big Guns

You are right Nintendo knows nothing about marketing or advertising.  This is why their E3 sucked big time.  But what if I told you this was a calculated move by Nintendo.  You don’t want to fire your BIG GUNS before the war hits right?  You save those for when you get attacked to send the mighty Microsoft and Sony ships to the depths of the ocean.  ZELDA, MARIO, METRIOD, DONKEY KONG, STARFOX, SUPER SMASH BROS, POKEMON, FIRE EMBLEM, ADVANCE WARS, the list goes on and on.  Why waste your list of amazing games on a press conference that doesn’t have the New consoles from Microsoft or Sony?

Shouldn’t you wait until the new consoles get revealed to show your “BIG GUNS”?  Because by the time they do reveal the best of their new console Nintendo will have sold 5 Million Wii-U’s world-wide with some of the best franchise’s in the industry coming out right along side the Sony and Microsoft consoles.  And don’t be stupid it isn’t called the Xbox 720.  Nintendo helped cater Sega into the software only development, carried an industry on its shoulders in the 80’s and invented handheld gaming altogether.  Do you really think this experience is going to make Nintendo lose the next console war?  Nintendo is the Veteran of the industry and should be decorated in 8-bit and 16-bit medals.

Nintendo's Army Waits for the perfect strike.
Nintendo’s Army waits on the frontlines.

While you may be quick to denounce my article.  What do you know about the Next Xbox or the next Playstation?  We all know what the Wii-U is going to be capable of and don’t be suprised if it is world domination.  Mario leads the frontlines with generals like Link, Samus, Kirby, Pikachu, Donkey Kong and StarFox.  Sony may have an All-Star line up but it is nothing compared to much of the gaming Hall of Fame line up from Nintendo.

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