How much does a Shigeru Miyamoto Autograph cost?

While driving to work today I was wondering what the most precious possesion I could possibly have would be.  And then it hit me an, original NES Legend of Zelda or Super Mario Bros. signed by none other than Shigeru Miyamoto.  The legendary developer has gone on to create some of the most notable gaming franchise’s for the past 30 years and continues to do so today.  He has impacted the industry more than Call of Duty, Battlefield and any game to ever come out for the Jaguar combined.

While the idea was still fresh in my mind I scurried the internet as soon as I got on my computer here at GamersBliss HQ.  With tons of images popping up on the google search of “Shigeru Miyamoto Autograph”. Everything from a signed NES consoles to GBA SP Zelda edition to the legendary prize itself.  An original Legend of Zelda signed by Miyamoto however sadly it wasn’t for sale.

Only one autograph from the father of Mario was for sale. A Popeye NES game that was signed by the Legend himself.  The Autographed cartridge is for sale for a whopping 399.99 plus 10 dollars for shipping!  Which begs the question, if you had 400 dollars burning in your pocket would you pick this up?  And would you ever sell it?

Some information is below on the item for sale on Ebay as well as a link to the listing.

Mind you that Shigeru Miyamoto has learned English quite recently when his claim to fame became to be known.  The Autograph listed is for a JAPANESE signature not to be confused with the one below which is an ENGLISH signature.  So would you want his English or Japanese signature?

Miyamoto's English Signature... not to be confused with his Japanese Signature

Miyamoto's English Signature... not to be confused with his Japanese Signature!

“This is an awesome autograph, and must have for any video game fan!

This NES Popeye cartridge was signed by the creator of Mario himself, Shigeru Miyamoto.  Miyamoto was the designer of Popeye.  A little known fact is that Donkey Kong was actually suppose to be a Popeye game, but due to licensing problems Mario was created!

Miyamoto signed this cartridge on July 14th, 1999 fo
r video game historian Steven L. Kent, author of The “Ultimate History of Video Games”.

The link below will direct you towards your potential future purchase!

[source: Ebay]



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