SDCC 2012: South Park The Stick of Truth Demo Impressions

South Park The Stick of Truth Demo Impressions

Comic Con San Diego housed a fantastic  South Park The Stick of Truth demo preview hosted by none other than THQ. At the show there was a life sized building of the iconic South Park school house where they showed attendees what to expect from the game inside the cartoon like doors. South Park The Stick of Truth demo was shown to its full capabilities indoors the remake of the shows memorable building. Fans of the series where also able to create their own South Park character and have them printed out right there at the show. The South Park The Stick of Truth demo really made a great impact on the show! We were able to sit in on one of the South park The Stick of Truth demo showings and came to find that this game was far more impressive than expected.

The South Park The Stick of Truth demo started off with a new kid in town, which in the actual game would be the players created character. This new kid arrives with its parents to the city of South Park and before the player gets to do anything the parents kick him out of the house for the day so they can ‘break in the new bedroom’. The child is told to go make friends from his presumably naked parents from the upstairs bedroom window when he tries to enter the house. The South Park The Stick of Truth demo shown just kept making everyone laughing!

The classic humor of South Park is perfectly integrated into the game within the first moments of watching the South Park The Stick of Truth demo. One of the biggest delights of this showing was the classic South Park humor. It was as if the player was put into an actual episode of the South Park TV series to play through. The player is placed on the streets of South Park, which has been mapped out for the first time ever for this game. When the show’s creators were able to skip to the next scene before, they now have been forced to create a map of South Park for the player to manually make their way through. The player can see were some of the show’s most memorable characters live and interact in connection to other areas of South Park for the first time in the series history, and for being the first time, it is beautifully done and things are placed exactly how any fan would imagine them to be. The South Park The Stick of Truth demo was a truly funny experience to see at San Diego Comic Con.

The South Park The Stick of Truth demo progresses with the new kid walking down the street of South Park and being rejected by some of the kids from school. He continues down the road until he is met by one of the shows more recognizable characters, Butters. He is dressed from head to toe like a wizard and is excited to meet the new kid. The player is then taken into Cartmen’s backyard by Butters and meets the head ‘wizard’ himself. Cartmen dressed as the lead wizard tells the new kid to take a look around his kingdom. Of course, his kingdom is just his backyard… the way it looks and the names of the areas in his backyard are the perfect example of South Park’s classic humor. In Cartmen’s royal stable consisted of a sand box and cat. The cat thought of Cartmen’s stable as more of a cat box while the new kid toured the backyard. There were other extremely funny areas in the backyard, or Cartmen’s royal Kingdom, left for the player to explore before progressing.

In the South Park The Stick of Truth demo the player is finished exploring the filthy trash ridden backyard he is called into the shed by Cartmen to be sent of his first quest. The new kid was asked his name which ultimately ended up being douchbag (classic humor) and was then asked to choose his class. Cartmen tells the new kid that his first quest is to go down to the store and bring him back some of this classic characters favorite food, fried chicken. Before the player sets out to retrieve the food another group of kids, called the elves, attack the backyard; just another reason to make the South Park The Stick of Truth demo all the funnier to watch.

Cartmen demands his entire kingdom fight off the other kids known as the elves before they steal The Stick of Truth. This is when combat is first introduced to the game. With how great all the other aspects of the game looked the combat portion was somewhat disappointing. The combat was more RPG based and ended up seeming less interesting then was expected. Your character stands on one side of the screen while an enemy or group of enemies takes the other. You can then choose your moves and watch your character execute the moves in front of you. It is humorous… very humorous… but there is not a lot of game play involved with combat in South Park The Stick of Truth.

After the battle of the elves the new kid is accepted into Cartmen’s Kingdom and is told he can play with the group of kids. While the new kid was being accepted by the kids of town another boy comes up and tells them that the elves actually did run off with the Stick of Truth which sets up the plot for most likely the entire game.

In the showing of the demo they skipped to a later area in the game to better show off customization and more in depth combat. The customization options were very impressive and yet again very funny. The player can customize the look and weapons that the new kid uses at any moment in the game. It is a personal feeling to your own created animated character which was a nice feeling.

The player was then placed in a setting where he and Cartmen were going to fight emo kids for The Stick of Truth. The combat started with a battle where the player controls their created character side by side with Cartmen. They are against about six other kids and the match begins. They take turns hitting one another with chosen moves until Cartmen announces he is about to use a special move. Mr. Slave appears out of nowhere with no pants on. His face is then shown panting and pushing and when the scene is done one of the enemies were eliminated. It was an interesting way to show off special moves in combat but definitely something that grabbed the audience’s attention.

Despite the lack in effective combat,  what was seen in the South Park The Stick of Truth demo seems like a very interesting game. This is the kind of game that players will definitely find humor in. If a player is a fan of the show then this would be the game for them. It was South Park plain and simple, like a never before seen long running episode that the player stars in. The classic humor and customization options are enough incentive to long to play the game. South Park The Stick of Truth is set to be released for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on March 5, 2013.

(Update: The games release date was pushed way back from March 5th and didn’t actually hit store shelves until March of 2014. The South Park The Stick of Truth Demo seen at this show was also by THQ, we now know that the game switch owners and was actually published by Ubisoft upon its release)

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