SDCC 2012: Hands-on Transformers Fall of Cybertron Multiplayer

Well sadly San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) has come and gone for the GamersBliss crew we got to check out Activision’s booth and low and behold the Cybertronian robots were there!  Con attendees where able to pre-order the game on site and if they did a bitchen Fall of Cybertron shirt was handed their direction.  In all of its glory with two count them 2 different demos.  We will be covering the last of the 2 demo’s which is the multiplayer aspect of the game.

The match was a TDM game that was set up for the classic Autobots vs. Decepticons duel of bot on bot action… don’t get your throttles all worked up.  While teams were a random 4 vs. 4 the Decepticons recruited me and the team as we battled against the Autobot menace.  The match was 15 minutes long or the first team to get up to the goal of 40 kills. As classes were chosen before the match the trash talking began as some children need to become Autobot scrap.  While getting worked up here are the classes we got to choose from.

Infiltrator – 300 health

  • Spy/Transforms into a Sports Car
  • Can Cloak for Invisibility
  • Runs faster than any other bot

Scientist – 300 health

  • Engineer/Transforms into a Jet
  • Able to drop Sentry Turrets
  • Wields Sniper Rifle

Destroyer – 400 health

  • Infantry/Transforms into a Truck
  • Special attack Hover Slam
  • Deploys force fields

Titan – 500 health

  • Heavy Weapons/Transforms into a Tank
  • Special Attack Melee Tornado
  • Can fire tank rounds for Massive Damage

The initial feel of the game was very similar to the Transformers War for Cybertron game.  In which vehicle modes were deployed via the right stick and weapons were aimed with left trigger shot with the right trigger.  Yet even though it was a large map 4v4 felt well a little underwhelming.  You would expect a Transformers battle to be a little more intense especially if you have seen any G1 or Micheal Bay film.  The fact that we couldn’t pick or didn’t even see key characters that might change the tide of battle such as Megatron or Optimus prime was rather sad as well.  The key difference from this game and the game before it was now those robot wielding soldiers didn’t have typical guns like we did which I thought was rather interesting for the last game.  As new tech has got each robot a special laser blaster to take the other to the scrap yard.

I choose the Titan class as well Megatron is one of my favorite characters and you can see a difference in size almost immediately with the other classes.  Titan well was a walking tank after all, the Infiltrators almost got stepped on by me a few times… sometimes on purpose.  Tank rounds did serious amounts of damage as two rounds kill a destroyer which is the Optimus Prime type class.  While taking out the Autobot my Titan took an extreme amount of damage and was in serious trouble of becoming scrap.  Well the scientist on my team which also happened to look like the famous bitch Starscream was a loyal one and healed me back up to par.  From then the children of the corn felt my rampage as the team went on to a victory with a margin of 40-15.  Yep those snot nosed brats needed a lesson in why we don’t like them ruining our Call of Duty lobbies.

All in all Transformers seemed like a pretty legit game with fast paced bot on bot action.  While not seeming to be like anything ground breaking I was upset that the dinobots weren’t able to be selected in the multiplayer.  While even though it has been announced that later these Autobot scum would be future DLC I was even more bummed.  Hopefully the DLC for those extinct bots will be free as the game feels well rather similar to its predecessor.  The only thing that might save this one is the massive amount of customization which we didn’t have time to dive into.  For more on Comic Con 2012 stick it to the man right here at!

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