GameStop helps you dress up like Ezio Auditore!

Assassins Creed Cosplay ReplicaHighly Detailed Replica of Ezio Auditore's Armored Vambrace

Cosplay gamers get ready to get your Assassins Creed on via the Hidden Blade from Gamestop.  This little do dad is true to original form which is found in the original AC, AC 2, Brotherhood, and Revelations.  No longer will you have to go on YouTube and find that one great how to do it your self video on creating a spring loaded knife gauntlet. The details below are what exactly the gauntlet includes.

“-Spring Loaded Action
-Highly Detailed Replica of Ezio Auditore’s Armored Vambrace
-Adjustable Buckle and Velcro Straps
-Locking Safety Mechanism
-Extends to over 15″ in length
-Made of PVC and ABS plastics
-Closed Box Packaging”

The best thing is this little piece of armor doesn’t cost as much as one might think coming in at a price tag of 39.99!  Just incase you are wondering you can pre-order this from Gamestop starting now!  Check out the images below and tell me your not thinking of dressing up like an Assassin this Halloween especially since it comes out the day before on 10/30/12!

[Source: Gamestop]

Highly Detailed Replica of Ezio Auditore's Armored VambraceHighly Detailed Replica of Ezio Auditore's Armored Vambrace


11 Comments on GameStop helps you dress up like Ezio Auditore!

  1. I think I need that… just in case…

  2. I will be buying this and will possibly now be dressing as Ezio for Halloween and wearing the blade everyday because you never know when you might need it 😉

  3. venom-ninja-420/ps3 // June 27, 2012 at 10:36 pm // Reply

    guys do not forget it is just plastic. but still sweet . but i will be gettin 2 . lol need that dual hiddin blade ya know.

  4. Grayson Hart // June 28, 2012 at 10:35 pm // Reply

    I understand where your coming from but cosplay is hipocritical in itself. u dont see men dressing up as Lara not that ive seen thank god for that.

    • The new PS Vita game Assassins Creed 3: Liberation is based around a female character. So actually Male or Female can become their own Assassin Character… that is what imagination is right?

  5. Grayson Hart // June 28, 2012 at 10:41 pm // Reply

    definitely picking up 2.hopefully it can be modded or jury rigged to put a real blade in it.and i dont like how u have to use ur other hand to activate the spring loaded blade, not authentic. I mean really, they dont take the time to create it as it exactly is from the game? dont tell me they dont have the tech. ive researched it. its quite rudimentary.

  6. Connor Kenway // August 4, 2012 at 7:18 am // Reply

    wait till the AC III vambrace and tomahawk come out… WAITING!!!!!!!!!

  7. Jesse Walkley // October 22, 2012 at 10:12 pm // Reply

    The reason they don’t make a real one like exactly in the game is because it would create a problem with the police. First it is a concealed weapon. Even though its a toy. Know adding a way to secretly release the blade would create a problem. Especially for those who want to put a real blade inside.

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