Hands-On Metal Gear Rising: Revengance

E3 2012: Hands-On Metal Gear Rising: Revengance

How long has it been since we actually got to go Hands-on with Metal Gear Rising?  Oh yea this is our first time, even though this game has been shown over 2 years ago with gameplay footage.   The project went through the troubles of new developers after Mr. Kojima didn’t want in on the project and had MGS5 get in the way of that pesky Raiden.  GamersBliss got the chance to swing by Konami’s booth at E3 2012 and well here are our thoughts. The booth was riddled with various Xbox 360’s and PS3’s which all had the demo of the new game based in the Metal Gear Saga.  However this game doesn’t include our famed Solid/Naked Snake.  Nope it doesn’t even include the EPIC original cyborg ninja Frank Jaeger also known as the Grey Fox.  Instead it focuses on the kid that well doesn’t know how to keep his mouth shut in the first game we meet him in (MGS2) and in the second game (MGS4) can’t keep his limbs on his body.  Yep Raiden is back but we all should know that by now it has been over 2 years since it was officially announced.

The demo opens up in true hack and slash fashion… err well not really by slicing and dicing targets.  These targets pop out of  no where and allow you to slice and dice your way to the next one.  The funny thing is your technically on a mission so seeing these targets come up out of no where kind of took me away from the experience.  Also you are being briefed on what to do by what seemed to be Colonel Campbell who we should all know from previous Metal Gear games.  With no cut scenes or a briefing of what level this is or anything of the sort we had to ask a Konami booth member as to what the demo is of.  And to our surprise it was a level “specially designed” for E3.

Metal Gear Rising... No.. it can't be...
Metal Gear Rising… No.. it can’t be… it’s playable!

Likewise a very cool technique called Blade mode allows you to slow down time and pin point the exact location you want your sword to slash through.  This was both cool looking and very difficult to control in some instances as most of the time Raiden would be able to get the direction exactly where it was inputted.  However on occasion the sword would go the opposite way and we were not be able to undo this action.  Yet again this is a demo preview build and should not be taken as the final product!

Finally the training mumbo jumbo was over and we got to dive into the E3 demo of this game.  While this is a very different game than the original Metal Gear games some of the key elements from MGS gameplay was implemented in this game type.  Yes this is the case, once one enemy soldier finds you yes an exclamation point goes over his head and alerts some cyborgs around him.  So after tearing some torsos off of poor cyborgs and ripping their spinal cords out in order to keep my cyborg powers a float Raiden made his way to the next location.  It was tons of fun slicing and dicing these poor bastards into millions of pieces… Okay well more like 10 or 15.  Yes you can literally stop time and continue to chop up the same piece of meat until it was unable to be sliced and diced.

Getting my sword fight on...
Getting my sword fight on…

Other cool things is the ability to sneak up behind enemies and get an instant kill by shoving your whole sword through their bodies.  If anything this game play style is not only fast paced but it is very over the top in the way you dispatch your enemies.  This is a fully playable Metal Gear cut scene.  Their was a terminal that needed my attention yet in order to access it a Keycard was needed. After searching high and low for one I came across a cardboard box made famous by Solid Snake, going into blade mode I destroyed the box in order to find an enemy underneath it!  Dispatching him allowed me to acquire a key card to access the terminal.

After inputting the Keycode a Gekko from the MGS4 shows its ugly face onto the scene.  Behind the terminal a stinger missile laid and had Raiden quickly run over to it before taking on the mini boss.  Taking a few hits we scurried for health in the form of Nano repair kits.  Once up to par with my health Raiden continued  taking on the Gekko. We were able to twirl it around and totally massacre the Gekko after going into Blade Mode.  After he was eliminated a score and ranking was shown for the level that was completed as well as the ending of my hands on time with Metal Gear Rising.

Making the Gecco my bitch!
Making the Gekko my bitch!

It seems that this game plays more like Ninja Gaiden 2 rather than Devil May Cry which in my opinion is a very good thing!  Raiden makes his return as a playable character when Metal Gear Rising is released in early 2013.  If you want to get your hands on this bad boy a demo of the game will be included in Zone of the Enders: HD Collection which comes out in the fall of 2012. Stay tuned for more on this game and any other Metal Gear game on GamersBliss.com!



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