Are Achievements more Addictive than Trophies?

Players have learned to grow accustomed to their favored console whether it be the Wii, Xbox 360 or PS3. Both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 have a way to get players addicted to their consoles and that is in the form of Xbox 360’s achievement system and PlayStations 3’s Trophy system. When comparing the two which do players like better despite their console of choice? Do players tend to be more addicted to trophies percentage or building a larger Gamerscore?

Players will automatically side with which console they enjoy however it is still a wonder which awardable is more liked than the other they both have perks and disadvantages. The Xbox 360 deals with achievements. This is a point system where every task that offers points in a game adds up to players overall score on every game. There is limits to how many achievements can be obtained on every game as well as what score can be gotten on each game. The player has their overall Gamerscore displayed on their gamer card for the entire gaming world to see. The higher the number the more interested that player is in achievements. The Xbox 360 does not calculate an actual percentage for the player which makes it easy to get just a few points on a game and put that game down with no guilt attached.
The PlayStation 3 does their award system very different. Instead of awarding a point total for a player they award a trophy. These trophies come in the form of bronze, silver, gold or platinum depending on the difficulty of the task in the game. These trophies round out to a players overall percentage on each game and overall on every game they play.

Although what it ultimately comes down to is players personal preference it is understood that the easy to navigate and understandable way of the Xbox 360’s point system can be considered more addictive then PS3 trophies. They are two different rewards for the same objective, however, the way the Xbox 360 awards players is easy to see and easy to understand for any players. It is far simpler to see an overall score then to calculate a percentage which is where the Xbox 360 excels when gathering hardcore achievement fans. Like stated multiple times this is a controversial subject where a handful of people will take opposite sides but when this situation is looked at as a whole the Xbox 360 comes out victorious.

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