E3 2012: Hands-on Dishonored Preview

E3 2012: Hands-on Dishonored Preview

The good folks at Bethesda and Arkane Studios have given us another reason to write a Hands-on article from E3 2012.  This time the game we are looking at is a new IP that features distinct artwork and an interesting take on the redundant FPS genre.  This time instead of running and gunning you are tasked with playing a stealth action game that features supernatural powers.  It also allows players different options to play the game so if you want… yes you can go guns a blazing.  But if you want to take your time go nice and slow and not alert any guards, and kill some in very gruesome ways  then this game is for you!

The build we got to play on was for the Xbox 360 that was being showcased at Bethesda’s booth.  The level takes place in a city called Dunnwall that’s main power source is Whale Oil.  Mind you each level has been created and hand crafted for different events and stealth/action options.  Upon starting the demo we assume the role of Corvo who is a master assassin and has supernatural abilities.  His weapons vary from the following: Machete, Pistol, Sticky grenades and that damn crossbow that has been showing up in a lot of games lately *cough new Skyrim DLC*!

Go my bubonic plague carriers!
Go my bubonic plague carriers!

The mission tasks us for infiltrating a R&D establishment and find a very smart man named Sokolov.  Not to be confused with the one from the Metal Gear universe who created the Shagohod.  From the start of the demo I found myself wanting to immediately unleash a horde of rats on a poor fellow.  So naturally I did, unleashing these little buggers on the first enemy seen and watching how awesome this pack of 20 plus started gnawing on the poor guy until his body was nibbled to death by my minions.  This also allowed me to discover some of the more interesting abilities.  Mind you all of which were unlocked during the demo however don’t fret I am not going to spoil all of them for you.

Making my way towards the way point I got a little careless and was spotted by 2 enemies while climbing a building with the teleport ability.  This obviously allows me to teleport by highlighting a certain area of the playable game space and just in an instant now you see me… now you don’t(because I am somewhere else).  Yet the enemies saw me teleport and not being stupid found me out yet again.  So I look through my inventory and found a very fun looking item called the sticky grenade and lobbed one onto the damn AI enemies shoulder.  BOOM this guy felt the hurt, not only do those damn things look bad with spikes and all they put the guards in a pretty sticky situation… get it ^^

Using your handy Steampunk Pistolla
Using your handy Steampunk Pistolla

Sticking to the walls and going into stealth mode I switched my weapon to a knife and dispatched two very unhappy enemies that saw the blade enter and exit the other side of their fragile bodies.  So gruesome in fact that I wanted to do it more… muahahaha… don’t judge.  While making my way to the waypoint I was found out yet again because the power I had used to infiltrate an enemy body and use them as a host my mana ran out.  Livid with the whole situation I lite up the remaining forces like a Christmas tree all in time to get my present Sokolov.  While finally at his research facility I used my trusty crossbow to shoot a non lethal dart into him and put the poor bastard asleep.

Making my way the extraction point I encountered a new enemy called a Tallboy.  Which are enemies on stilts that well shoot missiles at you.  Awesome so switching to the sticky grenade and putting Sokolov on the ground I got the Tallboy to start smoking until the unthinkable happened… his missile killed Sokolov… Yep and that is where the demo for me ended as I was already running late for the next booth.  In short this game is a huge breath of fresh air after seeing some of the same regurgitated crap being released over and over again.  This game is slated for a holiday release thanks to Bethesda and the developers at Arkane Studios on October 9th, 2012.



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