E3 2012: Hands-on Preview and Demo Impressions With Quantum Conundrum

One of Square Enix’s smaller titles made its stand on the E3 showroom floor this year called Quantum Conundrum. This is a light hearted and fun downloadable game set to be released this June. The game features a boy who is between the ages of 10 and 12 who goes to visit his Uncle who is a mad scientist. Upon arrival an explosion goes off and the boy’s Uncle goes missing only to leave this young boy alone in a mysterious mansion of puzzles. The boy is forced to find his uncle and in the process he must solve challenging puzzles by switching dimensions in order to make it to the end. We were fortunate enough to get an in depth demo description as well as a hands on preview to this unique yet challenging game.

In the live demo, we met many of the characters and got walked through three different puzzles in the game. We started off with the easiest puzzle. It featured a scale and a save. We met Dolly the cloning device as well as his uncle’s pet cat. Both of these characters aided the player through the puzzle and on to the next challenge.

The next challenge was a little harder than the first. This one featured multiple different dimension switches. The next challenge was toward the middle of the game and this time was much harder to figure out. The way it was set up forced the player to think. It was cool how the player was forced to learn the game because of these dimensional switches. Things that seemed not possible in a video game were possible with Quantum Conundrum.

The demo then progressed to a third mission that took place toward the end of the game. Although no end of the game story was revealed we were able to see just how hard these puzzles can get. There was a time where the player needed to switch dimensions quickly over three times before they could reach the other side of the room. The player has to use things like safes as elevators to get them to lower ledges and so much more. Quantum Conundrum ended up being very interesting and in-depth especially for an arcade game.

Next we headed out to the showroom floor to try one of these puzzles ourselves. Although the concept quickly found its way to my heart the controls did not. The controls felt unnatural and the character (despite being a young boy) felt a little bit too short. Aside from those two problems working the way through the puzzles was just as fun as it looked.

This game was different; it was fun and playable to people of any age. Quantum Conundrum is just one of those games that if you start playing from the beginning you will get hooked however you can’t just jump in midgame and knows what you’re doing. It’s a game that you learn and that grows with your mind to where you are thinking about it even when you’re not playing. This game should be a definite buy, it was enjoyable in a much deeper way then a FPS but it was still fun in the sense of a cartoon. Quantum Conundrum is the perfect mix for a puzzling game.

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