E3 2012: Hands-on Aliens Colonial Marines

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is over and now the staff here at GamersBliss is able to bring you our first hand experience with some of the latest news, demos, and goodies of the show.  While we update our site we are going to be also taking a look at what exactly made the crews jaw drop and what is the best in show of the event.  This will be one of many hands-on previews of different games from E3.  One of these such games is the much anticipated Aliens: Colonial Marines which is set in the universe of the Xenomorphs, androids, space marines and that damn Weyland Corporation.

We had the ability to sit down and have a quick multiplayer match with the team developing this title which is set to release later this year.  TimeGate Studios holds nothing back in this awesome demo showcasing the multiplayer aspect.  Even though we only played as the space marines it was made apparent that this is one of the premiere titles to be released later this year.  The match was 10 minutes long and was set on the map setting entitled the Last Hope.  Underneath the map in the lobby were challenges which could reward you with some kind of currency and could possibly help change your load out for future matches.

Sitting in the Multiplayer Lobby
Sitting in the Multiplayer Lobby

When getting ready to spawn you are greeted with 6 different class based options for the Marines with the 6th sadly not selectable as it was “Classified”.  Being a huge fan of the original Aliens saga I just had to test out the Pulse Rifle.  The load out comes equipped with a fully loaded rifle along with a underbarrel attachment that was a grenade launcher.  Like true Aliens fashion the sound clips are actually ripped straight from the movies.  Adding to the nostalgia and sucking you into the universe of Ellen Ripley and company.

The Pulse Rifle is an awesome weapon for slaying the Xenomorphs, I myself got 3 kills for my first spawn.  Seeing that TimeGate Studios was on the other side of us playing the Aliens I was a surprised about how quickly I started off on the right foot.  However I was quickly brought back to reality as I got my ass handed to me.  This is mostly due to the fact that I decided to go lone wolf.  Realizing this I was quick to rejoin the squad and fight with my mates as we took on what seemed like an Alien Horde coming in from all sides.


This is where this Multiplayer match quickly felt new and refreshing.  This wasn’t just another TDM (team death match) it was an all out survival game.  In which teams quickly pull out their sonar and locate the Aliens incoming.  It was both stressful, frightening and challenging pinpointing and dodging attacks by the sly creatures.  The Xeno’s flew from the raptors located above rooftops, climbed upside down from doorways and totally blew my mind.  This game felt more like a team based survival horror game.

Our team was on the defensive end and we were coming back.  With under 1 minute left to go our team fell victim to the Alien type known as the Crusher.  Which you have probably seen in some of the Colonial Marines trailers.  This guy was big like an overgrown pit bull with acid for blood… don’t piss this one off.  The Alien quickly dispatched myself and 2 other marines before the match was over to make our comeback fall short… by 1 kill… This was THE of the BEST Multiplayer experience I had on the E3 2012 show floor and I personally cannot wait until its release later this year… And yes I saw Prometheus and I loved it as well.


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