Halo 4 Pre-orders Bonuses and Limited Edition Contents

Halo 4 Pre-orders Bonuses

Halo is one of the shooters that started it all when it came to competitive play. With developer Bungie starting everything and then ending what we had thought to be quite a run, have passed the torch on to developers 343 Industries (responsible for Halo Reach as well as their first venture into the franchise; Halo Waypoint). Well Halo 4 is confirmed to be released exclusively for the Xbox 360 on November 6th 2012. With the first-person shooter bring the infamous, hard to kill Masterchief, Halo 4 may quite possibly have the most pre-order bonus options I have ever seen for a game, with some only available in certain regions along with additional content with the Limited Edition of the game, including Avatar Items, in-game items as well as much, much more. Everything is listed below.

To start of, here is what you get with the specific pre-order bonuses with game when you pick it up at specific retailers. At Gamestop, you will get the ‘Forest Skin’ on the ‘HAZOP’ armor, on top of an ‘Arctic Weapon Skin’ for your Battle Rifle as shown below.

Halo 4 Forest Armor Skin - Gamestop (HAZOP) GAMESTOP-Arctic-Weapon-skin

Pre-order at Busty Buy and you will get the ‘Raptor Skin’ on the ‘Venator Armor’ as you can see below.

Raptor Skin pre-order for Halo 4 at Bestbuy

Amazon.com will not just get you the ‘Web Skin’ on the ‘CIO Armor’ but you’ll also receive a ‘Bulletproof’ and ‘Spartan’ Emblem for your character.

Halo 4-Amazon-Pre-order-CIOarmorWEBskin Halo 4 Amazon Bulletproof Emblem Halo 4 Amazon Spartan Emblem

Now on to the pre-order bonuses that at least everyone here is the US are not used, but everyone is getting in on Halo 4. You can pre-order the game from the Microsoft Store to attain the ‘Pulse Skin’ on the ‘Gungnir Amor’.

Halo 4 Pre-order Pulse-GUNGNIR Armor-Microsoft-Store

The next one may be the best Pre-order out of all of them as you get not only the ‘Venator Raptor Armor Skin’ like Best Buy’s bonus but by pre-ordering Halo 4 with Might Ape you get that as well as the ‘Locus’ Helmet as well as the Assassin Emblem for your character. Check it out below.

Halo 4 Might Ape Raptor Venator Armor Pre-order Halo 4 Mighty Ape Locus Helmet MightApe-pre-order-LOCUShelmet-ASSASINemblem-Halo4

The list of pre-order bonuses goes on with with Play.com offering you the ‘Deadeye Helmet Skin’ for pre-ordering Halo 4 with them as seen below.


Finally we get to the contents of the Limted Edition of Halo 4 which will cost you $99.99 and include all of the following goodies listed below making it well worth it in my opinion, especially if you are a big Halo fan.

Halo 4 Limited Edition

  • Digital content also included:
  • Bonus in-fiction bonus content expanding the characters and stories of Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn and their connections to Halo 4
  • Special Featurette: Bringing Gaming into Reality
  • Making of Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn
  • Bonus digital content through Xbox LIVE:
  • Unique in-game Spartan IV armor skin
  • Unique in-game weapon skin for the Assault Rifle
  • An exclusive in-game emblem
  • Xbox LIVE Avatar prop*
  • Xbox LIVE Avatar Spartan IV armor set*
  • The Limited Edition also contains the UNSC Infinity Briefing Packet which includes a Spartan armor customization schematic, an introduction to the massive ship UNSC Infinity, and insight into what it means to be one of humanity’s finest warriors: The Spartan IVs.
  • War Games Map Packs: The Limited Edition includes access to nine maps – three future competitive multiplayer map packs, each including three locations, available for download post-launch on Xbox LIVE.
  • Specializations: Receive early access to six Specializations, available at launch on Xbox LIVE, and use them, one at a time, to achieve higher ranks in your Spartan career. In addition to gaining access to new ranks, Specializations unlock new customization options.
  • The Special Edition of Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn, a 90-minute extended version of the live-action digital series which will take fans back to the terrifying beginning of the Human/Covenant war, when the Master Chief inspired a young cadet who would eventually become a leader aboard the UNSC’s greatest vessel ever: the UNSC Infinity.

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