E3: 2012 Star Wars 1313 Announced

E3 2012: Star Wars 1313

LucasArts has finally revealed its next Star Wars game and it looks like to be a contender called Star Wars 1313.  From the information we have gathered so far the game takes place beneath the planet of Coruscant.  The game will show the dingy metropolis underground that is filled with low lives and dirt bags.  You will play as a unamed Bounty Hunter  as you try to “uncover the truth behind a criminal conspiracy.”

Beware though my fellow PG-13 brethren as this Star Wars game is set in a Mature environment.  And though no game play or footage of the game has been released yet we are crossing our fingers here at Gamersbliss for a rated M for Mature Star Wars game!!!  So grab you Boba Fett Helmets and start your jet packs up, it seems the force is strong with this one.  More info once we get it from the show floor at E3!

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