E3 2012: Top 5 Familiar Faces

Every year gamers get attached to characters both old and new. Some characters just have a way of gripping our heart strings and never letting go. As E3 draws nearer we are progressively hearing information about which games will be at the show. Each booth will definitely show an assortment of good game play and do their best to surpass the competition. E3 is huge, with hundreds of games being shown each year, yet this year is set to be one of the largest years of all time. Being thrown into the slew of new can get a little overwhelming so reaching out to a familiar character might make us feel at ease. Out of all the booths that will be on the showroom floor, which will be showing gamers the top 5 familiar faces at E3?

Agent 47:

Hitman: Absolution is going to be one of the most anticipated games at E3 2012. This game is expected to be a success with its distinctive game-play, innovation and you can’t disregard the unforgettable face of Agent 47. Although Agent 47 made 2011’s expo, he is still one of the most memorable characters that will be appearing at E3 2012. Agent 47 is classic and cold; he is cool and everyone loves to embody this assassin. Like it was stated above, he did appear at last year’s show but we have a feeling that this time around he will have plenty more to demonstrate! From having shown a demo last year of one mission maybe this year attendees will actually get hands on with Hitman: Absolution. Agent 47 is already taking over the show and we can’t wait to see what this recognizable ‘hired gun’ has to show off.


Everyone is so excited to see that our favorite godly character Kratos will be at this year’s E3. God of War: Ascension is going to be the first game in the God of War series to feature multiplayer. This is a new aspect of the game that players can’t wait to see more of. God of War has been a front runner on PlayStation for years so it’s not a surprise that the next installment of the God of War series will cause such a stir. One of the most exciting parts about this game is the change in focus. It is said to direct attention to a much younger Kratos that has been driven to a breaking point. Although the character will be younger this is the same Kratos we know and love; except this time his game will offer aspects players have not yet seen in God of War… Can it get more exciting then that?

Lara Croft:

Lara Croft’s face may not look all that familiar but she still is Lara Croft; the character we came to grow and love for years. She has a new ‘toned down’ appearance and will take part in a story where survival is key over the normal raid tombs bit she has taken part in since her debut. She has a hard outlook on thing, this girl has been through hell and she is surviving! The new take on the game is just what the series needed to revamp the franchise. This is a game that nearly everyone will be able to play and the dramatics will keep everyone on the edge of their seats. Seeing Lara Croft return in such a different way is a site for sore eyes.

Frank Woods:

After what players thought was the end of one of the Call of Duty series favored character, gamers were surprised to see our favorite sergeant return in the recent Call of Duty: Black Ops II trailer. He is back but this time much older and yet we are still happy to know that he survived the fatal blow he encountered in the first Black Ops game. If Woods is back that makes us wonder if some of the other renowned characters from Black Ops will return as well. In a recent Facebook poll, Call of Duty asked their fans who they were most excited to see return, Woods or Mason. Although no footage of Mason has been released, this poll says it all; the return of Alex Mason will soon be upon us!

Master Chief:

It’s been a long time waiting to see Master Chief again, series fans wondered if it would ever even happen but we are pleased to know that this famous Spartan is back in the next installment to the Halo franchise, Halo 4. This was a game no one really knew was coming. Halo 3 left players with a large cliffhanger and no one really knew the true fate of Master Chief. Now he is back and isn’t afraid to show himself at this year’s E3 expo! Halo 4 is set up with one of the largest fan bases in the world and it is ready to completely conquer the entire show. It is going to take some pretty big game to kick Halo 4 off its high horse. Master Chief, it’s been too long since we last saw you.

If you have any questions regarding any of the games listed above please feel free to leave them in the comment box below. We will do our best to answer any questions our readers might have about any game that will be at E3 2012. As we make our way through the expo we will have your questions in hand to make sure all our readers get the answers they deserve.

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