Sony has New Patent to Interrupt Game Play to Display Ad

The introductory of ads interrupting players while they are playing games may just come sooner then we think. Sony has filed a patent that would allow in-game ads in brand new ways… ways that sound horrible. This patent is said to deliver an ad service that will pause the game right while the player is playing it. There will be a small warning and then the game will be put on pause as the advertisement ran its course. One the ad was finished the game would rewind a short ways so that the players wouldn’t lose track of what was going on. This sounds like a cruel joke more than reality but that is not the case.

Throughout gaming publishers have experimented with in-game advertisements and signed partnerships, so something like this had to have been coming right? Luckily there is no guarantee that Sony will ever implement this idea into actuality. As with all patents it is just a patent not a guarantee it will ever be used. It would be guessed that Sony may want to try this tactic on free-to-play games before a retail title; something tells me a lot of fans wouldn’t like their games to be interrupted so Sony could make more money. That something no gamer should have to accept.

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