Tips for Minecraft Newbs

Tips for Minecraft Newbs

Finally the Xbox 360 has received a gift from the gaming gods in the form of Minecraft.  Seeing that most console gamers are finally sinking their teeth into the game in Minecraft they might be overwhelmed when starting the game.  But don’t fret the crew at got your back as this article is dedicated to you newbs.  We are going to cover what exactly to expect the first time you start-up the game.  As well as what to do when you create your first construction project including the materials and tools you will need.

Gather Wood... you'll need it!
Gather Wood… you’ll need it!

Spawn and Gather

Once you spawn onto the world map for the first time.  Explore a little bit and find a nice hill-side or mountain side to set up shop.  Because the monsters in this game come out at night.  It is best to start off by finding a tree and chopping it down with your fists and taking the entire trunk.  The next thing you will need to address is the kind of material you use to create a crafting table.  In order to do so you will have to create wooden planks which can be crafted when you have collected 1 piece of wood.  Once you have completed this task you are able to create a crafting table which will allow you to create tools to aid in you expedition.  You now have the ability to create wooden tools to aid with your 1st shelter and giving you a fighting chance.

Landscaping before building

Before building anything landscaping is key.  Whether it is chopping down trees around your soon to be living space or making the foundation even.  Your fort, house, shelter whatever you decide to build all revolves around what kind of preparations you have created.  Also the tools needed for such a task should be created as well these include shovels, pick axes and regular axes for chopping down trees.  The majority of the time you create any kind of construction site you will be limited by time.  So it is a good decision to create some kind of temporary shelter around your building which includes a bed once night fall comes.  This will allow you to create you creation faster and more efficient just make sure you don’t leave the house until all the monster commotion is eliminated by the sun.

Don't get swarmed by Zombies!
Don’t get swarmed by Zombies!

Repelling Monsters

Sooner or later you will become fed up with all the monster uprising in your world and will set out on adventures to eliminate the zombie, creeper threat.  Creepers are especially dangerous since explosions can cause catastrophic damage to your structures and your pride.  Nothing is more heartbreaking than seeing a structure get flooded by water or lava due to a meezly creeper.  To repel these monsters your going to need torches and weapons.  Weapons consist of swords and a bow and arrow combination.  To eliminate the creeper theat it is always good to take them out from a distance using you bow.  Zombies however can be dealt at your discretion, either up close or from a distance.  Remember that when searching for that monster spawn pit to save and have lots of torches that way nothing can take you by surprise.

Finding Rare Materials & Items

Some items and materials in Minecraft are very hard to come by.  In order to find these rare things more than likely you will be far in the depths of the world.  After all it is called Minecraft, which means in order to find gold, diamond, and saddles to ride animals.  You will have to create some kind of mine to explore with the intention of mining down towards the boundary called bedrock.  By doing so you will come across rare materials that will require stone and iron pick axes.  By this time you should be able to understand the creation of such tools and will have acquired vast amounts of rare materials thanks to your dedication of time and effort in your world or a friends.  Remember mining is always done better with teamwork so don’t forget to grab some friends while exploring the vast world of Minecraft.

Becoming a Master Miner!
Becoming a Master Miner!


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