Speculation of God of War: Ascension Cosplay Hired for E3 2012

It has been seen on a popular casting network that a gaming company is looking for two people to Cosplay for a press only gaming event being held on June 5th. By the sounds of that we can only expect that this company is hiring for two people to Cosplay at E3 2012. With that being said Cosplay isn’t a stranger to E3 but this casting stood out among the rest of the average booth babe submissions.

The unknown company is looking for a woman to play a video game character. In the casting it is stated that this woman must be blonde or willing to wear a blonde wig. It has also been noted that the mysterious character that is going to be portrayed will have very large breast as well as accompanied by a male character.

The male character is supposed to be very tall, beyond the height of 6’2” and bald with a muscular build. This man will be only wearing a Sargon and will be equip with a sword. The Cosplayer will be body painted to match the markings on the video game character. Both characters are to unveil a popular and exciting video game on June 5th.

Although no more details can be release about which video game these characters might be hired for the male description sounds all too familiar. Could these Cosplay models be characters from God of War: Ascension? Kratos has been known to be around some beautiful women. Unfortunately, there is no confirmation as to if the characters will be for God of War: Ascension or a different game all together. The only solid details that have been released are the character description and the days worked. So we will have to wait for the expo until we find out if this rumor is true or not.

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