What do players want, Need for Speed: The Run 2 or Most Wanted 2?

**Update: This article was written before the announcement of Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012).

The Need for Speed franchise is indisputably a long running series. It has had its ups and downs and fans have been left both disappointed, as well as impressed. For a series that has taken its cars from street racing to track racing and then back again to street racing, fans are beginning to wonder what come next. It has been announced that Need for Speed will get an annual yearly release but that doesn’t completely confirm what racing type the yearly titles will be centered around. Although speculation about the next title being either a sequel to Need for Speed: The Run or Need for Speed: Most Wanted quickly arose with other Need for Speed titles in the mix, Most Wanted 2 seemed to have had concrete indication as to being the next installment to the Need for Speed series. With that being said is Most Wanted 2 really what fans of the series want or would they have preferred a sequel to the dramatic 2011 hit, Need for Speed: The Run?

Need for Speed: Most wanted was one of the best Need for Speed games of all time. It took what made the Need for Speed series what is it and utilized nearly every aspect of previous game to make Need for Speed: Most Wanted the best game it could be. It was considered to be much more “open-world” then what players saw in The Run with some of the most exciting police chases to date. The way the player was able to take control and climb their way up the blacklist was phenomenal, the game felt as if the player was in complete control at all times. Need for Speed: Most Wanted also offered a story line which forced players to want to beat their next opponent. There was vendetta attached to certain foes and when it all came down to it the player was automatically left satisfied. Need for Speed: Most Wanted was a classic example of a Need for Speed title that was executed nearly perfectly for the fan base it appealed to. Making a sequel off of this game would only be presented as a challenge in terms of the name EA would have to make the game live up to.

Need for Speed: The Run was the first turn for the series in years. Before the release of Need for Speed: The Run players took part in many Need for Speed titles that was just another track racing game. Once Need for Speed: The Run was announced players were pleased to see the series going back to their roots and taking the race back to the streets. The game turned out to be very linear compared to Most Wanted. The open world feel was gone but the story was enhanced. In The Run, players took the role of an actual character for the first time in the series. They got to know him and why he was doing what he was. He got stuck in many unfortunate circumstances and some very exciting cut scene/ button mashing sequences made Need for Speed: The Run very exciting. The drawback of The Run came down to not being able to control when and how you got into the police chase. What Most Wanted did so perfectly was leaving the police chases up to the player with a set bounty on which they needed to get to the next level. In Need for Speed The Run, each aspect of the game went in one direction and all ended up the same.

So which game would you prefer a sequel to? Is it Need for Speed: Most Wanted or Need for Speed: The Run? Did your favorite Need for Speed title not make our comparison? If not leave a comment below describing where you think EA should take the series. Your opinion matters to us. Don’t forget if you have any questions you wish to be asked about the game at E3 this year, feel free to leave a comment in the box below and we will do our best to get you the answer.

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