Top 5 Unique Games Being Shown at E3 2012

E3 is just around the corner and every day more news is being released about one of the biggest video game events of the year. E3 is where almost all games get to show off in front of each other and for the industry professionals. It is an event that every gamer wants to go to and few can attend. There are going to be some hot titles on the showroom floor such as Halo 4, possibly God of War: Ascension and you can’t forget all that the Wii-U must have in store for the fans. With that being said, thehit games that everyone has their eyes on are not they most unique games at the show. These games are sure to be good and they are sure to sell more than just a few copies but still what these games have is game play that we have already seen before. Below is a top five list composed of the games that are going to be at E3 that may not have the largest spotlight on them but their original game play and different take on the industry is something that no gamer should fail to notice.

5. Dishonored

This game is innovative. No, not from a stand point in distinctive game play but from how it looks to be the perfect mix between so many games players love. The player takes the role of a formerly dependable bodyguard of an empress. After the murder of the Empress’ father the protagonist was framed for the murder and has become an infamous assassin. The player will find themselves with dark powers in a time where the government is armed with great technology and the ‘every man’ is suffering from a horrid plague. The tale is dark in game play that resembles great points from other titles. Where Dishonored picks up its unique title is by all the events, abilities and story combined. This game is jam packed full of stuff to catch any gamers attention.

4. Star Trek: The Game

Star Trek has one of the biggest, most loyal fan bases in the world; it’s about time they make a game off of this popular series. Announced in 2011, fans were super excited to see more about this game however all channels went dark. After months of anticipation little was released about the game but fans relied on their last shred of hope that this game was still in production. All the waiting has paid off and it is certain more information about this game will be at E3 2012; music for any trekky’s pointed ears! There has been time and effort put into this game so all expectations should be met with flying colors. Star Trek: The Game will be one of those games made for the Star Trek fans but with that in your mind a game like this hasn’t been touched upon yet which makes it one of the most inimitable experiences at E3 Expo.

3. Acid Ghost:

Ok, so it’s just a rumor but a solid one at that. Nintendo is said to be working on a mature rated title for the Wii-U with one of the most renowned musicians of all time, Eminem. Not many details have been released about this game nor has it been completely confirmed but as of now anything heard about E3 can be considered a rumor because the expo hasn’t started yet. Anyway with that being said many of you are probably wondering “Why is this considered a unique title if no information has been released about it yet”. In some since the people asking themselves this is right and some wrong. This is considered a matchless title because if it does happen it is a Nintendo exclusive that just so happened to be rated mature… finally something for the gamer instead of the cutesy little fitness games that took over the Wii. This might just be what the gimmick of a console needs; violence and a world renowned rapper known for his maturity promoting the game. Congratulations Nintendo, if this one works out, you have us impressed.

2. Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse

Family Guy has been one of the most popular cartoon series out there so it’s about time the renowned family of Quahog gets their own retail game. Activision has recently picked up the rights to this game, but has released nearly nothing about plot or game play. We can expect to see all members of this funny family, Peter, Lois, Stewie, Meg, Chris and Brain, all taking part in a comedic game. There is nothing better than fun and humor and that can only be expected in a game based after this award winning cartoon. There have been games out there based after other TV shows but Family Guy is different. Family Guy is a show anyone could find a laugh in, it is popular among all ages and definitely funny. Will a game like this knock down Call of Duty’s records… not a chance, but will it provide a fun and enjoyable experience; without a doubt.

1. Quantum Conundrum

Quantum Conundrum is one of a kind. This is a game that has elements that have never yet before been seen in gaming. The player takes the role of a 12 year-old boy that goes to visit his scientist Uncle. Shortly after the boy arrives there is an explosion and his uncle disappears. The story is solid but the originality comes when this boy finds a glove that has the power to control dimensions. Controlling the dimensions has to be the fundamentals of pretty much all of the puzzle solving in this first-person action game. Quantum Conundrum is one of the most original titles we have seen in years, it offers consummate game play, challenging puzzles and a cartoon like atmosphere. When the gaming industry is doing all it can to take a realistic turn on most games Quantum Conundrum steps out of the box and offers players elements that they cannot get anywhere else.

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