Darkrai Now Available Via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection


The legendary dark Pokémon, Darkrai is now available to download via Nintendo WFC on both Pokémon Black and Pokémon White. Darkrai is available from now until June 10th 2012.

In order to download the Pokémon, you must select the Mystery Gift option from the main menu. From there press “Receive Gift”, then “Get Via Nintendo WFC”. After connecting to the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection you will see the option to receive Darkrai. Darkrai can then be picked up from the delivery man at the Pokémon center.

You must have no more than 11 wonder cards to download Darkrai. If you do have more then 11, simply delete one and it will have no effect on previous downloaded Pokémon.

Darkrai will arrive at level 50 and can be any nature, with the bad dreams ability. The move list of this tough Pokémon includes Dark Void, Ominous Wind, Faint Attack and Nightmare. Darkrai will be holding an Enigma Berry, which was only available in the dream world until now.

Darkrai is very difficult to obtain in any other way so download this ultra rare Pokémon before it’s too late!

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