Happy Mother’s Day!

GOW Happy Mother's Day

It is Mother’s Day, so no one should forget to show your appreciation for the woman who gave you life.
The woman put up with all your shit.
The woman who may have bought you your first video game.
The woman who may now be bitching at you for playing so much video games.
The woman who may have kicked you out of your house because you played to much video games.
The woman who may always have open arms and welcome you back.
The woman who may not know how to play a single video game or may play video games herself.
The woman you may have told to check out the Nintendo Wii because it is not like a normal video game.
The woman who got you killed while playing an online multiplayer match because she was either trying to talk to you, yell at you or was walking through your point of view.
The woman who may have decided that the best time to vacuum the room you were playing games in was when you were doing your all time best online, or nearly completing a close to impossible feat.
The woman who may have know idea what the phrase video game even means.
The woman who may have hijacked you Xbox 360 to dominate in Dance Central.
The woman who may have stopped your DVR from recording live E3 coverage so she could record ‘The View’.
The woman who may not understand that you can not pause an entire online multiplayer match.
The woman who you may have a love/hate relationship with.
The woman who may tell you to stop cursing while your are on a death streak while playing a game.
The woman who may do your laundry and that if she didn’t you would have a very hard time finding clean clothes.
The woman who may actually put up with you playing video games as oppose to your girlfriend who doesn’t understand how you can enjoy playing a video game and gets pissed when you are not really listening to anything she is saying because your are in the middle of playing a game.
The woman who may have spanked you as a child.
The woman who no matter what it is she has done in her life, whether good or bad deserves a day of respect for having you as a child.

So don’t forget to let you mother know, happy mother’s Day with anything, whether flowers, a card or a video game that you say is for her but you really can’t wait to rip it open and play.

Because Epic Games wishes everyone a Happy Mother’s Day with the image featured here, as well as their Epic Mom promotion – You may want to know that this weekend event for Gears of War 3 is Torque Bow Tag, with Torque Bows everywhere and glowing explosions. The event ends on Monday, May 14th, 9am eastern time.

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