Fan Outrage Focuses on Saints Row: The Third

With the recent announcement of the new Saints Row: The Third expansion pack, Enter The Dominatrix, fans were outraged. This pack was originally brought to the player’s attention on April 1st as everyone thought it was an April fool’s joke, however, now we have been informed that this is far from a joke. What THQ has is a game that they attempted to make every gamer love instead of having fans of a select genre stick with the franchise. Saints Row: The Third was intended for both fans old and new but in the end it has proven to be a bigger let down to people who previous loved the series, not to mention those who picked up their first Saints Row title as Saints Row: The Third seems to be getting a little burnt out with all the ‘fun’. What is it that drove the diehard fans of the series away from Saints Row: The Third and what is keeping new fans from continuing to love the game?

The first major issue that keep the fans of the entire series from loving this game as much as the previous installments is how in Saints Row: The Third was how the previous story seems to be completely thrown out. All of what the Saints were made up of from the previous game was pretty much trashed. That means no Johnny Gat, no familiar characters popping back up at random activities, the street life the gang once lead has been replaced with fame and fortune, and the main character has a much softer attitude. All of these things were things that made Saints Row the name that it is today and none of these things had anything to do with Saints Row: The Third.

While the protagonist used to roll with a crew of though characters including Johnny Gat, Peirce, Shaundi and Carlos they were replaced by clown like characters such as Oleg, Zimos, and Angle. The once funny yet believable game turned into a three ring circus were those who loved the game before just couldn’t find that same love they felt in the past again. That was the thing about the Saints Row series that made it a series instead of just another game; it was as funny as could be without trying too hard. Now with Saints Row: The Third and all the DLC being released for the game… it is clear they are trying way too hard. Fans of the series were hoping for answers; what happened to Dex, Where is Troy? But instead of finding answers in Saints Row: The Third fans were given Professor Genki and virtual fighting; the fans were given nothing but a gang whom they once loved turned into a sellout. The worst part was the player didn’t even have a say in the way they wished their gang to turn out. The Saints gave up street life and turn to the glitzy lifestyle.

Another thing about the game that left the majority of fans disappointed as the lack in multiplayer. Sure the co-op mode in Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third are that of something that has never been done but whatever happened to multiplayer. Saints Row and Saints Row 2 had a huge and loyal fan base in which players were able to completely customize their characters and clothing just like in the single player story except they got to take this player to the community and kick ass with them. Previously Saints Row made the player feel like they were in the game, it was their gang and they could do what they wanted; after The Third was released the player was forced into a lifestyle that they may have never wanted for their character and left with no online play. What more could have gone wrong?

As there are many things that went wrong with Saints Row: The Third, especially in the mind of a series fan; the latest installment to the series left many people happy. Saints Row had never had that much advertising until Saints Row: The Third was coming out. They advertised the game with giant purple dildos, strippers and cool vehicles. People rushed out to buy a game that was as over the top as they advertised. What the developers failed at is the believability factor. When fans got the game they got all of that except they also got a whole slew of things that didn’t make any sense. So as Saints Row turns their backs on those who have enjoyed the series from the start they bring all their new fans so much over the top game play that it actually gets annoying…

Of course there are people who like Saints Row: The Third, there are thousands of people who still love the game but there are also those true fans who feel betrayed. What THQ and Volition is dealing with is hard. They have a game that everyone feels like they are the main characters, that is exactly what they wanted, however, when everyone feels that they are the main character then they also want to be in control which they aren’t and when the game actually comes out of course they are going to be slightly disappointed. It’s likely what the player wanted didn’t happen but that’s natural; the problem is the game was so far from what any true fan of the series would want that Saint Row lost all the respect that it took years to gain. When a fan could look the developer straight in the eye and say, yes there is no game out there that pushes the limits of funny like Saints Row: The Third does but there is no game that we love more than the previous Saints Row games; then there may just be a problem.

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