THQ Will Not have a Booth at E3 2012

After the ground breaking booth THQ showed at E3 2011, fans will be disappointed to know one of our favorite publishers will not have a display at E3 2012. As we all have heard THQ has suffered financially while making dramatic cut backs on hit titles as well as laying off staff members. With that being said they will not be able to put the money they need into creating a vast display as they did last year so they will not be on the showroom floor.

With the disappointing news about the absence of THQ’s booth, that doesn’t mean they will not be attending and participating in the rest of E3 2012 festivities. They say that they will still be showing games to the judges at an upcoming event and will host a press and business center at the show where they will hold meetings.

With each booth costing publishers around a whooping million dollars there’s no wonder why a company that has been through its fair share of financial troubles to opt out. It was a decision that seemed like the best option and we known their booth will be widely missed at this year’s show. On a side note, it is likely they will still be showing their bigger titles like Darksiders II and Metro: Last Light in some way or another. Fans can even still expect to get a glimpse of Saints Row: The Third Enter the Dominatrix. The only difference will be there won’t be a huge display to invite players in to the previews.

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