Pre-Order Black Ops II at GameStop for a different Bonus Experience

The announcement of Black Ops II left fans happy and surprised. We were surprised with the new future setting as well as something else… the way GameStop is offering their pre-order gifts. When we pre-order our favorite games at select locations it is likely the players will be given some kind of bonus for pre-ordering the game there instead of somewhere else. Which item the company is giving away with the game is sometimes what makes one retailer sell more then another. What GameStop is doing with this record breaking title is giving fans the opportunity to get more than one exclusive item just by pre-ordering Black Ops II with them.

What we mean by this is that the earlier the player pre-orders the game at GameStop the more exclusive items that player gets upon the release of the game. So gamers get bigger rewards by committing to buy the game earlier rather than later. The way it works is in waves. There will be four separate pre-order bonuses with the first waves beginning now! If the player agrees to buy the game now they will get whatever pre0order bonus GameStop is offering now as well as all other pre-order bonus announced at GameStop by the time the game releases on November 13, 2012.

As of now, if players pre-order Black Ops II at GameStop they will receive a double sided Black Ops II poster as well as if the player is a GameStop PowerUp Rewards member they will receive an extra prestige token that can be used in Modern Warfare 3. GameStop is throwing up some tough competition for its competitors and pre-ordering there soon seems as if it is the best option as of now.

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