Is DLC fairly priced???

Is DLC fairly priced??? Capitalist Pigs

When Downloadable Content first hit gamers were rewarded with options to take their favorite game further.  However, it seems that publishers are taking advantage of the hardcore and casual gamers of today.  Years ago before DLC was introduced, a game was created to be the ultimate experience for gamers.  With that the fans would suffer due to delay after delay of our favorite games or the new game that we oogled(<—not a word) at in magazines!

Sadly it seems those days have come and gone and a new idea of thinking in the industry is to shovel it out as fast as we can.  We see this with sports titles that come out every year.  Seriously when was the last game that was developed for a couple of years that truly made a statement.  The last one for me was Skyrim and the next one will either be GTA 5 or Max Payne 3.  There isn’t any loyalty to fans when it involves making money these days.  Even if it means gamers who struggle to pay bills, are forced to buy content for a game that was developed for 3 years on day one(Mass Effect 3).  This is unacceptable and quite frankly deserves some kind of legal action behind it.  This is seen even at red box now when you rent a movie for whatever reason you are not allowed to view the special features.  Seriously what the “f”, why is it that I can’t see a deleted scene or different ending.  Soon it will be the next video game we rent at red box that won’t allow me to play the extra levels because we choose to rent the game?  This is already a problem if you rent or buy an EA game, thanks to their little DLC code of greed.

Capitalist pigs
Capitalist pigs

Gamers and consumers for that matter need to stand up and stop being bullied.  Come on this is 2012 the end of the world kind of stuff.  Is DLC fairly priced?  I paid 60 dollars for a game that came out today and now I have to pay an additional 10 dollars to play what was initially developed for the 60 dollar game?  That is obviously unfair as well as unjust.  Gamers shouldn’t be subject to being punished by a developer for taking to long to release a game.  We already had Duke Nukem Forever come out after all and look where that got us.  Games need some kind of beautiful innovation that doesn’t involve voice commands or some gimmick of a controller that reads our movement or $15 DLC that lasts 5 hours.

So why is DLC $15 for most of the content out there?  Isn’t 10 dollars more reasonable for a map pack or a DLC for 5 extra missions?  You pay $60 for the price of admission and now you have to pay for parking?  Give the gamers a break you fat cat publishers without them you wouldn’t exist!  Don’t they get that maybe they should be rewarding the fans rather than making Mass Effect 3 loyalists upset for day one DLC that comes with a price tag?  Talk about a slap in the face!  Lets not even go over the Activision fiasco that is going to bury the Call of Duty franchise by 2015.  Yep you heard it here first once that year comes don’t expect any more COD games mark my words.

Rockstar Games
Thank you for being a Rockstar!

That’s not to say all DLC is over priced.  Looking at what Rockstar has done you have to give them credit.  A $20 dollar price tag for over 25+ hours of gameplay for their Lost and the Damned, American Nightmare, Ballad of Gay Tony DLC is fair.  Lets also not forget our friends at Bethesda hooking us up with DLC for their awesome games that gave us a reason to play with additional stories to expand the single player experience.  Yes we should all know how long Fallout 3 is and multiply that by the number of DLC add-ons not forgetting to divide by two.  That of course is the number of hours you get for playing those badass games.  Maybe the world will wake up and stop paying hookers, named EA and Activision for a 5 minute quickie.  Yep I just ended this article like that.

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