Video Game’s 5 Most Dangerous Females

Females in gaming have been making a great name for themselves over the past few years. Instead of games doing the classic cliché, damsel in distress sort of thing, it has been more likely that the female will take the role as a strong sidekick or even main protagonist rather than the normal weak hostage cliché. The gaming industry is surrounded by the toughest of though female characters and the number of these lethal ladies just keeps growing. Over the past few years players have witnessed women being as beautiful as they are daring, as darling as they are deadly and as true as they are talented. So which 5 deadly beauties are the most dangerous of them all?

5. Isabela Keyes-Dead Rising

Being the main antagonist’s little sister in the first installment of the Dead Rising series, Isabela Keyes had to deal with much more agony then just a massive zombie outbreak. She was the kind of girl that was able to deal with the total destruction of the zombie outbreak while taking a bullet to the arm. This girl knows how to survive the undead outbreak and she is smart enough to make formula to aid those who have been bitten. Isabela can hold a gun and doesn’t rely on anyone as she makes her way through the overwhelming load of  zombies. She is usually all on her own. From her will to survive to her fearless fighting skills, Isabela is strong willed and able to stand alone even though she would serve as the perfect meal to her surroundings. She is one of the most fearless females in gaming!

Chun Li-Street Fighter

Chun Li is one of those classic characters that fans of the Street Fighter series will always remember. She made her début as the first playable female Street Fighter character when Street Fighter II was released. Although back when she first appeared she did come across far less strong then her male counterparts but she was the quickest in the game. Since then, Chun Li has evolved into one of the greatest female fighting game characters there is. From her cheerful attitude to her famous Hyakuretsukyaku kick, she has KO’d more than enough opponents for a lifetime. Chun Li may fool some with her respectful and somewhat happy exterior, however, this girl is dangerous and it’s probably best to stay on her good side.

Lara Croft-Tomb Raider

Lara Croft is the main character in the Tomb Raider seres and a woman who every man could fall in love with. She is smart, she is clever and she looks good while doing anything. Lara is well trained in acrobatics and she knows how to shoot any type of weapon given to her. Croft is an icon; she has been known to handle herself in any circumstance that she could ever find herself in. The English archeologist has shown just how precarious she could be for years and with the new game release set to come out later this year; she is not planning on stopping anytime soon. Lara has made her adventures a part of many games lives and if she weren’t as tough as nails she probably wouldn’t have made it so far. She is a character every woman wants to be and every man wants to be with, her attitude and looks only contribute to how dangerous this adventurer actually is.

Elena Fisher – Uncharted

Elena Fisher is the female lead of the Uncharted series. Being dragged along on Drakes many adventures helped shape Elena as a character, as well as, coated her with a much needed thick skin. Elena is very bright and can be easily stated as self reliant. This American journalist has taken part in some of the toughest adventures and hardest mysteries in gaming. Her approach on life would be to never give up, which is why she is a woman who stands on her own. With all the situations she has been tossed into, Elena proves that she can be just as lethal as she is smart while maintaining an extremely real and likable attitude. She is you ‘every woman’ with the twists that make her far from the women people see every day. Elena is amazingly connectable to most people but still being that cool, untouchable, standout character that everyone loves.

Anya Stroud- Gears of War

Anya Stroud is a COG solder in the Gears of War series. Anya isn’t your average video game female, she is a characters that can not only shoot a gun but she could reeve her chainsaw and rip through her prey without even worrying about breaking a nail. Anya has been involved in the war against the Locust army for years; she doesn’t mind jumping straight into the action for the cause of saving the world. Through all the though exterior that she must present to shield herself from the COG’s enemy, she still has a carrying attitude toward those who are close to her. Blood, guts, and death might not be what she has always wanted to witness in her life but when it comes down to what needs to be done, Anya doesn’t shy away from the fight.

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