Ghost Recon: Future Soldier – Beta Updates, What Changes to Expect In the Full Game

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UPDATE: The Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Beta that was supposed to end on May 2nd has been extended for another week!

Ubisoft has release a number of Beta updates according to beta player feedback as well as them taking statistics themselves from the Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Beta on all platforms. So when you are playing the beta for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier you are truly just getting a taste of the multiplayer as Ubisoft with their development team in Paris are working day and night to make this game as flawless as possible. I remember it being difficult to connect to the Ubisoft Servers online when trying to play the Beta but these are all things that are in test mode as they are issues you will not see in the full game. It may be bold to say this but virtually ever major issue in the Beta will be fixed for the full release of the game for the most part. Here are the latest Beta updates, as there have been two before this one, which you can view update 1 here and update 2 here. The third update, now available for all platforms, fixes the following issues. Don’t forget to try and win a free beta code from us here and much more here for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Month.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier – Beta Update 3

Riflemen Rebalance:

  • Increased minimum recoil for the ACR and AK200 to align them more closely with the other assault rifles.
  • Reduced maximum assault rifle damage range, making the sniper rifle more valuable.
  • Increased minimum damage of SMGS, making them more effective against all classes at further ranges.
  • Dramatically reduced the radius of the heartbeat sensor.

Additional Weapon Changes:

  • Reduced the dispersion to make handguns generally more effective, especially for the bomb carrier.
  • Adjusted shotgun effectiveness.

Additional Equipment Changes:

  • Adjusted Flash Bang Duration.
  • Adjusted Flash Bulb reload time.
  • Adjusted EMP air burst radius for EMPs launched by a underbarrel or standalone grenade launcher.
  • Adjusted the amount of UAV’s in match.
  • Increased the duration of the Sensor to make them more susceptible to countering.

Grenades power deduction:

  • Reduced the grenade blast kill-radius.
  • Grenade fuse timer increased slightly

Matchmaking Changes:

  • PartySize for public matchmaking increased to 6 (was 4)

Progression System:

  • Adjusted XP values for Confidence & Hack Objective.
  • Doubled base XP gain to accelerate progression during the beta.

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