Beta Impressions: Ghost Recon Future Soldier

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Beta Impressions will be covering Ubisoft’s upcoming game Ghost Recon Future Soldier over the next few weeks.  We are offering giveaways for controllers, headsets, as well as the retail copy of the game thanks to the good people at Ubisoft.  From active camouflage, recon drones and emp grenades this game has it all.  We all know you’ve been wanting an in-depth look at the beta for Ghost Recon Future Soldier (GRFS) game.


GRFS Engineer Class
The Engineer Class

In the multiplayer beta there are 3 different kinds of classes to choose from.  Rifleman, Engineer, and Scout, all of which has unique abilities and equipment.  Each class has their own set of preference’s when it comes to guns as well.  A Rifleman for example, caters to the assault rifle while the Engineer uses sub machine guns and the Scout uses his good old fashioned sniper rifle.  Classes all level up separately as well so if you use nothing but the Scout class the other two will not level up and will remain at level zero until you use that particular class.

All 3 classes allow you to level up while unlocking gear and gadgets much like a skill tree in an RPG game.  Meaning you have to pick between a UAV or a Field Computer. UAV’s allow a drone to be flown around the map to provide intel to your teammates, such as enemy positions and flanking routes.  A Field Computer on the other hand allows you capture objectives and hack an enemy faster when he is stunned to provide enemy intel.  Don’t feel locked into one progression route however as you are able to use Respec Tokens to change your skill tree.


GRFS gun customization
Gun Customization

The ability to customize your gun in the game is nothing short of amazing.  From every aspect you truly feel that this is no one elses gun but yours.  With over 1000’s of combinations Ghost Recon Future Soldier holds nothing back.  From optics, to the under barrel to even the trigger itself.  All of these modifications have 3 or more selections to choose from.  Unlike other games where you are limited to certain aspects of the gun you want to create as your own.  This game allows you to choose every detail of the weapon of choice you have.  Even better is that all of the decisions you choose impact your guns and gameplay.  Much like how pimping your ride changes your driving style and the way the vehicle operates in real life.

Laser sights and different kinds of ammo for your killing spree or hack spree.  Each gun has 10 different aspects to choose from as depicted above it’s even cooler when the gun gets ripped apart to show the different modifications allowed for the gun of your choice.  Another great feature is the Firing Range which instantly loads your gun and its modifications to allow you to feel the difference in the weapon you have made rather than wait until a match starts.

Maps & Game Types

GRFS Multiplayer Map - Mills
Multiplayer Map – Mills

Mills and Pipeline are the maps Ubisoft has chosen for the beta and both offer unique locales and scenery for the gun on gun action.  GRFS is a tactical shooter so understanding the layout of the maps as well as the basic rules of engagement is a must.  Mills is a dense green area that is filled with cabins, bridges and a forest.  While playing this map I was engaged in a number of firefights from a distance and had to check my corners when suspecting an enemy in the tight walkways found in the assortment of cabins.  Pipeline on the other hand brings the battle to a shanty town built around an oil refinery.  This map is located in Africa and also has a beautiful trend of both detail and flanking routes.  Both of the maps also allow the enemy not to enter spawn points with an invisible wall that if entered for too long it will kill your soldier.

The beta includes to different modes the easier of which to explain is Sabotage.  In this game mode you are given a bomb in the middle of the map and need to plant it around the enemy spawn location of the map.  Which ends up feeling like an endless round of tug of war if facing a formidable team.  Conflict on the other had is my personal favorite with unique objectives and missions dedicated to each team.  The game type is considered as GRFS’s deathmatch but is far more interesting than just tagging and bagging.  Conflict forces both teams to work in collaboration or become red pixellated goo.  Points are given to both teams for the individual actions that help the team such as reviving allies and hacking foes.  Also objectives such as disrupting an enemy EMP or securing a supply point is given during the match.  Other objectives include eliminating high value targets and securing enemy intel.  Most games feel very intense and usually a loss or victory is secured by a small margin often coming down to the last objective.

GRFS Game Types
Intense Multiplayer!

All in all Ghost Recon Future Soldier is showing a promising gaming experience during the seasonal gaming dry spell.  If a in-depth multiplayer experience is what you’re looking for this game is for you.  Of course just don’t expect it to play like Call of Duty or Battlefield as this game feels more like a hardcore match of Gears of War where it is one shot one kill.  And yes some complaints can be found with the beta, yet it is just that a test in which the developers make the final tweaks until its initial launch on May 22nd.  Like a gift found under your tree on Christmas, Ubisoft seems to be perfecting the experience with a neatly placed bow on this little bundle of joy.

Stay tuned for the review once we have a retail copy in our possession.  Also don’t forget to participate with the Gamersbliss crew for Ghost Recon Future Soldier Month starting on the 1st of May.  We will be giving away tons of goodies for you, so don’t forget to relay that intel with your fellow gamers you play with.  We will have copies of the game to give away as well as Tritton/Madcatz Headsets, Controllers and much more. We are getting started early to give away a whole bunch of beta codes as the open beta ends May 2nd. You can enter to win a beta code right here as we are giving codes away everyday while it is ongoing.

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