Megatron to be on Madden 13 cover

Megatron on the cover of Madden 13

Well not quite the leader of the decepticons this Calvin Johnson also known as Megatron will be on the cover of Madden NFL 13.  Ea Sports has a contest every year where the fans get to vote for their favorite player to be on the cover of the new Madden game.  It came down to rookie Quarterback Cam Newton and Wide Receiver Calvin Johnson.  Johnson beat out Newton just squeaking out a victory with 52% of the votes.

Madden had appeared on the cover of his game until 1999.  Where Garrison Hearst took the honor of being on the cover.  Some of the names to be chosen include, Micheal Vick, Vince Young, Brett Farve and Ray Lewis to name a few.  Most recently Peyton Hills was selected to be on the cover after fans had voted for him.  Also note that the Madden Curse has become a little more prominent with some of the players listed.  This is due to either injury, allegations by the media, and of course fighting pit bulls and getting arrested… we are talking to you Eagle QB’s out there.

Megatron on the cover of Madden 13
Megatron on the cover of Madden 13

However will Megatron suffer the same fate?  He has played for the Detroit Lions since 2007 and has put up amazing numbers most notable his 16 Touchdowns last year.  Oh and his nick name was given to him because of how huge he is in the end zone.  Here’s to hoping Detroit Rock City doesn’t start a riot after the bad numbers start to show.

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