5 Things Players Want in Black Ops 2

The rumors have been flying about the Call of Duty franchise’s 2012 release being Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Although there has been no real confirmation about the next installment to the Call of Duty franchise players still ponder what improvements they would be able to make if Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 was actually in the works. There are a number of opinions out there about this popular game and a lot of great ideas of additions to the game. Here are some of the most talked about improvements players would love to see if Treyarch and Activision were really releasing a sequel to their 2010 hit, Call of Duty: Black Ops.

1. No more overpowered weapons

In the multiplayer game mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops, it was a huge complaint among players that certain guns were way to powerful. This is true in most cases aside from the players who accused other plays of cheating weapons to make them stronger. It seemed almost pointless for players to prestige when it came to this problem because no matter how good a player was at the game, who ever had the strongest weapon was the one who would score the most points in the match. If Black Ops 2 were to be released it would be more then appreciated from players if it was more based around the players actual skill level rather than how great of a weapon the player had unlocked.

2. Larger maps with more of a variety in location.

In the first Black Ops title there were some pretty good multiplayer maps and there were somewhat of a variety of a location. The maps in that game weren’t all that wrong to begin with but players would love for a more advanced way to play. We would like to see larger areas with more unique locations. Call of Duty could really play with the multiplayer map possibilities by giving players a variety of different locations. Black Ops multiplayer maps were more based around the story of the single player campaign, which was fine, but we would like to see them step above and beyond that by making maps in more of a variety. The multiplayer part of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 should provide enough variety so that players do not get bored but also include cool effects like weather and climate differences to mix up how each map is played; more wind=less sniping, rain=slower running/slipping. All of that would be original and actually add a new twist to the classic Call of Duty multiplayer.

3. More customization options

Players love customization and as of what we have seen in the Call of Duty franchise, customization isn’t a strong suit. Of course there are the options to change the look of your multiplayer character just by which perks the player is using, however, were talking customization to the point of hair color, eye color, race, gender, and outfit. This would give players a more personal feel to their character along with the ability to pick their weapons and perks. It would literally be letting the character put themself into the game. Call of Duty players love the show to be all about themself so why not let them make themselves right in the game. When the player wins they feel powerful but when the player wins with a character that they feel is themselves that same power is taken to a totally different level.

4. The return of Sgt. Frank Woods

Frank Woods was a classic character. He had cool slogans and was just an all around badass. After what he and Mason endured throughout the story of Black Ops it was almost a slap in the face when he was “written out of the story”. There will be no spoilers here but all of you who have played the entire Black Ops campaign know what I mean. Sgt Woods is just one of those characters players grew attached to. Even though his current whereabouts is unknown or a location suspected to those of you who have collected all of the story’s intel we are still uncertain where he is or what exactly happened. In Black Ops 2 it would be wonderful if we saw Sgt Woods again or if there was a slight possibility that he could take protagonist roll.

5. Brand new game mode

Black Ops has four basic game types, single player, multiplayer, zombies and dead ops arcade. These are all great but wouldn’t it be better if along with these types we saw something along the lines of Modern Warfare’s Spec Ops? With Call of Duty being so popular and how its has been running for so long they need to keep players interested and one great way to do that is through a new game mode. They can throw out multiplayer game types in the blink of an eye but in the end it’s still just multiplayer so why not spice things up a bit. If the game needs to be a two disk set for that then so be it; I know the players won’t mind that as much as the developers would.

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