Who Said Models Don’t Game?

C+2 models

No matter whom the gamer is they all get sucked into an unambiguous serotype. Mind boggling-yes, irrational… yes; all of which comes as absolutely incommodious. One of the most infuriating of all gaming labels is the assumption that attractive females are bad at video games; if they even play them at all. Gamers tend to label these gorgeous women as dim and assume their gaming skills are horrific. There are many reasons why this thought process is inaccurate; however, the proof of abolishing the inconceivable stereotype lies in a woman named Yvonna Lynn. Yvonna has moved through a successful career as a model while maintaining a constant love for video games. If you think the gamer models stop there you are largely mistaken because Yvonna started up her own modeling agency, Charisma+2, where lovely gamers pursue their modeling careers as well as promote their deep love for games.

Models gamer yvonna lynn sarah spears

The goal for these C+2 girls is to break through to the industry. Instead of using girls who don’t have a care for gaming culture as a booth babe at the next big gaming convention, use a C+2 girl. Don’t take the actors that are not up-to-date on gaming lifestyle to do character modeling or voice over work on, use a C+2 girl. These charming ladies not only know what they are talking about when it comes to video game but they also have lived a life to where modeling and acting is part of their career and are extremely well qualified for any of the work going to the non-gaming entertainment professionals. Who doesn’t love to see gorgeous women playing video games; enjoying the gore, excelling in kills and points or just simply enjoying their spare time with a gaming lifestyle? These models are true gamers, not just the cutesy girls trying to nab an extra bit of attention. C+2 girls know how to play games and look good while doing it!

Models Sarah Spears

For all of those who said that models aren’t true gamers, you are WRONG! These girls prove their points and then some. As they work toward their career goals they are continuing to play video games and are proud of it. These girls would be the perfect candidates for booth babes at any gaming related event, as well as, the primary ladies any game developer should contact when they are looking for the next character in an upcoming game. Their professionalism and skills in the entertainment industry is just as impressive as there massive beauty and gaming skills. The delightfully exquisite women of C+2 will continue to excel in the gaming industry and they will continue to change the way the gaming industry chooses their talent. Congratulations to these ladies for sticking with their career dreams and for making a difference in gaming culture!

To all of our readers, do not miss your chance to vote for any of these young ladies for Maxim’s gamer girl of the year. As stated in a previous article (you can get to it by clicking here) these true gamers are competing against non-gaming models for the “Maxim Gamer Girl” title. The job should only go to the true beauties in gaming and they need your votes!

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