the Top Five Mature Rated Game franchises

Top 5 Rated M Games

Mature rated games are easy to come by these days with all of the War shooters everyone is playing.  But what about the mature rated games that hits a little closer to home.  The ones that make gamers feel like they are truly alone.  Or the ones that make them feel like a true badass taking out creatures internal organs out with their bare hands.  The images below are taken right out of gameplay with the #1 game a video is provided to show just how disturbing it is.  Gaming has come a long way over the past 40 years if you date back to the pong and Pac-Man days. So what is the most disturbing game franchise that is Rated M for Mature by the ESRB?

5. Resident Evil

Resident Evil: death by chainsaw
Kids + Resident Evil = Nightmares

When Resident Evil first came out for the Playstation numerous teenagers and pre-teens grabbed their controllers and played with the lights off at night-time.  Since then the franchise has exploded in popularity and has created numerous sequels.  With that some of the best moments across the franchise includes the heart pounding search for green herbs with less than a full magazine for your trusty handgun.  The zombies have evolved with the games and have introduced various strands of viruses people have been infected with.  Resident Evil boasts some of gamings best use of sound and lighting to keep gamers on the edge of their seats with the undead lurking around every corner.

4. God of War

God of War: feeling like a boss
Kratos taking a little off the top

The Great Spartan Kratos has risen to the fourth spot on our list.  Through out the years this bad mouthed killing machine has found new was to disperse his enemies and gods a like.  From killing the original God of War and claiming his throne no other hero can single handedly bring down a titan with his bare hands.  The gods would be happy to know that this murderous hero dispatches enemies by impaling, slicing off limbs and embarrassing the enemies that fall to his feet.  Let’s just hope that the next title God of War: Ascension can continue the brilliant mess of red pixels at this Spartans feet.

3. Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto: Strippers and Prostitutes
Collecting money for her virtual tramp stamp

Like a true hustler Grand Theft Auto brings both criminal and vulgar behavior to the list.  Becoming a mob king or a 80’s heart throb it all depends on which title you prefer to play in the GTA franchise.  However each title brings the same in your face attitude of life on the street.  Whether it is helping a poor girl out on the corner and taking her to a private alley for some alone time.  To shooting her in the back and collecting the fare she charged you for her services. GTA covers a vast amount of adult content that promote drug use and killing pedestrians on the streets of the crime riddled cities.  This is especially true when listening to Fernando or that loud mouth Lazlow on the GTA radio.

2. Dead Space

Dead Space: Run for your life
You’ll need antidepressants after this one

It wouldn’t be a Mature list if Dead Space didn’t make the cut.  The reason this little space miner tops the list isn’t just because it does horror better.  It is because the game doubles as a psychological thriller.  We all want to know Issac Clarkes story and see his motives to save his wife are true and pure.  Yet the game throws you into a spaceship filled with disgusting creatures who were once human.  Insane characters and twists and turns continue to hone in on poor Issac’s little mind until he becomes nothing more than a twisted puppet of the marks being.  Rumours of Issac’s return in Dead Space 3 may continue to haunt him in the best new title in the horror genre.

1. Manhunt

Manhunt: Feeling like a Serial Killer
A Serial Killer Simulation

Rockstar games pushes people and the industry to the limits of over the top.  It even pushed some of the employees that worked on Manhunt to the psych ward.  This game is about killing individuals with baseball bats, plastic bags, and knifes.  It has some of the most disturbing kills in a game.  This isn’t for small children which should be apparent from the cover of the game.  The M for mature is definitely needed on this title as the sound and animation of the killing animations make your senses feel like you committed a murder via the controller your using.  Just don’t call the cops after you play this game seeing that you’ll have more kills than Charles Manson.

[youtube id=”ATw6FAmeMdo” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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