Will Medal of Honor: Warfighter be Better than Battlefield 3?

With all the new press on EA’s next military first-person shooter, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, people are starting to wonder how that will compare to their last years hit on Battlefield 3. The military based first-person shooter genera is getting a little over done but players can’t help but be excited for the next Medal of Honor game. EA loves to get their name out there and will advertise in most every way imaginable but people can’t base how good a game is based off of what the ads saw. What it really comes down to is game play, graphics, single player and multiplayer. The question is will Medal of Honor: Warfighter compare to what EA brought players last fall with Battlefield 3?

As of now we can only go off of speculation. Players can expect Medal of Honor: Warfighter to be better than or just as good as Battlefield 3 based upon screenshots and trailers. Gamers have a basic understanding of how the game play will be when they compare what they know of last Medal of Honor game as well as Battlefield 3 because they are both are EA’s military first-person shooters. Not much has been brought up about Medal of Honor: Warfighter’s multiplayer but players can put two and two together to understand that it will probably be very similar to that of the previous release as well as Battlefield 3.

The problem that lies within Medal of Honor: Warfighter is advertisement. This game is coming at a time where players are growing more and more tired of the over-done genera. No matter how much the game is advertised and how great all the screen shots and trailers look, it is just not the right point in time for yet another military first-person shooter. Last year gamers were crazy for the genera based off of Battlefield and Modern Warfare 3 but now it’s a been there done that kind of attitude. The prediction is that Medal of Honor: Warfighter will be a good game, it will be interesting and there will be a small base of players that will enjoy it, however, it will not compare to Battlefield 3 because of faulty timing. As there will be a population that does enjoy it the online multiplayer population will probably quickly deteriorate and the game will fall into the category of enjoyable but not star-struck.

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