SSX – Tricky Retro DLC Coming (UPDATED: NEW TRAILER)


UPDATE: New Trailer for the DLC…

[youtube id=”Tr5RUICkYgM” width=”600″ height=”350″]

SSX will be getting retro DLC inspired from the original game. The new content will include a new mountain entitled Mt. Eddie, with nine new drops for Races, Trick drops and will even have fireworks going off. This bundle also contains 7 Classic Characters from SSX Tricky and SSX 3, each with a unique snowboard as well as different colors for their outfits.

SSX_Retro-DLC-Screen1 SSX_Retro-DLC-Screen2

It will be available May 1st for 640 Microsoft Points or $8. You can also purchase the new Mt. Eddie and the Characters separately for 480 Microsoft Points or $6 which doesn’t make much sense to get, when you could just go nuts and spend only 2 more bucks for it all. It almost seems like they are deliberately trying to confuse people into buying both separately… just kidding EA and Microsoft would never do that! There will even be some old school tracks from the other games included. Check out the screens of Elise doing her thing.

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