3 Most Successful Video Game Franchises

People’s interest in the video game industry just keeps growing and growing. While more people are taking interest in gaming culture, game franchises are getting bigger by the minute. There are many successful games that stand alone, as well as, many successful series as a whole. What makes these games so successful is the love they receive from the players! Players love games just as mothers love their children but over time which games have been loved the most? The list below shows the three most successful video game franchises!


Halo has crack the list not only because of its renowned sales but because of how this game forced Microsoft’s Xbox to succeed. Without Halo the original Xbox would have struggled and who knows if the fate of that console would have ruined that of what the Xbox 360 is today. Halo was a standalone title; it was something new to gamers and the one of the sole purpose why Microsoft continued their work with Xbox as a brand. Halo evolved into one of the most well known series’ to this day and still has gamers highly anticipating the next release. Bring on Halo 4!


From what started as 150 little beast fighting against each other with strange powers came Pokémon. Pokémon has that strange ability that held the attention of the generation of people in which it made its début but also can tap into the minds of the younger generation to keep on bettering itself. The way Pokémon can relate to their audience is a unique quality that almost no other game or series has been able to accomplish. Pokémon has come from being a little idea to becoming a huge lifestyle where multiple generations are involved. The way each game connects to the next, the leveling up system, and the emotion attached to the creatures the players train are remarkable. Pokémon is here to stay and will continue to force generations of player to adapt to the Pokémon lifestyle.

Call of Duty

You probably guessed it… Call of Duty. This game is a household name and record breaker and a trend setter. Players have been overly involved with this title for years and it popularity only heightened with the release of Call of Duty 4; one of the first modern warfare military first-person shooters. After Call of Duty made a clear name for them other companies tried to catch on, however, nothing knocked the game from its thrown. Call of Duty has not only broken records for most money earns on a video game but they have become the top selling entertainment piece as well. To have a video game break these kinds of records is revolutionary. Who would have thought a game like Call of Duty could take over the millions of life’s that it did. From records being broke to addictive game play, Call of Duty is the single most successful games of all time.

**Note that this article is in exception of Mario. Everyone knows Mario is by far the most successful of all franchise of all time!**

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