5 Star Wars Game Sequels that should be made!

5 Star Wars Sequels that should be made!

Star Wars games over the years has seen its share of ups and downs.  With the release of Kinect Star Wars for Xbox 360 and the Old Republic for the PC.  Lets take a look at some of the games that have blown us away in the Star Wars Universe and what we would like to see more of.  From games that allow us to be Jedi’s, to flying badass looking spaceships and trampling furry little ewoks with our AT-ST’s.  This is the top 5 games in the Star Wars Universe that deserve sequels.

5. Star Wars Tie Fighter/X-wing

Star Wars Tie Fighter/X-wing
Blowing up the Rebels once and for all!!!

Back in the heyday of PC gaming a little gem from a studio called Totally Games caught everyone’s attention.   Allowing you to fly into a space simulation game in both X-wings and Tie Fighters.  With great storylines for both the X-wing and Tie Fighter games which featured missions for both the empire and the rebellion.  It also featured a multiplayer element which allowed gamers to test their skills against others in an effort to prove which fighter was more badass.  Mind you that this piece of art came out over 15 years ago with the backing of Lucasarts one can only imagine how wicked this game could look in the pixels of today.

4. Dark Forces

Star Wars: Dark Forces

This next game has you take the helm of one Kyle Katarn, who is a mercenary for the rebel alliance.  During his journey in the Dark Forces series he discovers the dark troop project.  In the sequel to Dark Forces dubbed Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight he journeys to the valley of the Jedi to find out the mystery behind his father’s murder.  In true Star Wars fashion the game allows you to choose either the Dark Side or the Light Side of the force.  From Blasters to light sabers this game has it all for the FPS Star Wars Fan.

3. Battlefront

Star Wars: Battlefront
No rebel scum in this sector.

Pandemic Studios created numerous games with hours of fun to be had with each title.  However none of the other games could ever quite stack up to Star Wars: Battlefront.  With the ability to do everything in the Star Wars universe, no other game on the list allows it.  The game places players on the …. wait for… the Battlefront of epic Star Wars battles as they dominate for either the rebel or empire forces.  However since Pandemics closure in 2009 we haven’t seen a proper Star Wars Battlefront game.  Rumor has it that Battlefront 3 could be revealed at E3 but don’t keep your fingers crossed.

2. Jedi Knight

Star Wars: Jedi Knight
Such a good Jedi with Sith powers…

Remember Dark Forces 2 from earlier in the list?  Well that game spawned the Jedi Knight Sequels which far surpassed the first person genre with a third-person light saber only combat system.  In the sequels you are allowed to level up your force powers and light sabers with the completion of missions found throughout the game.  Also including an engaging story post Return of the Jedi with none other than Luke Skywalker as your mentor.  With a multiplayer component of double jumping, force lighting Siths and Jedi a like this game should be granted a sequel!

1. Rogue Squadron

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron
Stay on target… Stay on target…

The Tie Fighter/X-wing series introduced a flight simulator in the Star Wars universe.  Yet Factor 5 took a different route introducing a highly addictive arcade game that allows you to take the role of Luke Skywalker, Wedge Antilles and various other pilots from the Star Wars universe.  It had it all from the battle of Endor, to the frozen planet of Hoth and an awesome take on the Death Star trench.  The series had 3 different iterations and was only exclusive to Nintendo systems.  For fans that are skeptical some Gamecube owners only got the system to test run an X-wing thanks R2-D2’s hidden Death Star plans.  The game features a vast selection of starships to pilot that are specific to each mission you select.  And yes the last game was disappointing leaving the cockpit and wielding a light saber or blaster… if only we could let Factor 5 know that this game in a massive multiplayer battle would be EPIC.

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