The Most Forgettable Call of Duty Characters

*This article may contain slight spoilers for Modern Warfare 2 & 3*

Call of Duty has been one of the biggest video games for years. It has presented players with stellar multiplayer as well as a memorable storyline with unforgettable characters. With all of the work that had been put into the game so many people fell in love with the franchise. Over the years not much has been mentioned that is actually wrong with the game. Call of Duty has become a household name along with some of the protagonists and enemies. With that said there are a few characters that seemed to have been left in the dust. We all know Soap, Ghost, Price and Woods; we know Makarov and Shepherd in the center of them all which Call of Duty characters tend to be most forgotten?

Private James Ramirez:

Private James Ramirez was a playable character in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. He was a member of the 1st Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment that was stationed in the United States. He served as defense to the United States to protect them from the Russian invasion. Although this character is playable in iconic levels where the player witnesses United States landmarks being destroyed by the enemy, James Ramirez just seems to fade away. After the attack on Washington is subsided, James Ramirez signals that this team is still alive with flairs. That is that last the player sees of him and those he battles with. Before the player is taken to the next level you hear Corporal Dunn ask if they were going to Moscow next which before the release of Modern Warfare 3, players had thought they would see a return of these militants. James Ramirez didn’t return and neither did any of the soldiers he fought with. He became one of the characters that were kind of forgotten in the large world of Call of Duty.

Sergeant Marcus “Michael” Burns:

Burns was a playable character in Modern Warfare 3. He is an SAS operative who is the main playable character in the level “Mind the Gap”. Call of Duty usually gives players the opportunity to meet the character they are embodying in a way and on a usually bases they are able to continue playing with said character for more than one level; with Sergeant Marcus Burns that was totally different. After being asked to look into some suspicious trucks that were being loaded up on the docks of London. After going through a lot of stealth fighting and large firefights He gets on a truck and chances down a subway train. After the train crashes he fights his way out of the underground tomb only to find that a chemical agent was released by Makarov’s men that kills a vast number of people. Although he is one of the only ones to survive the attack he is not seen again in Modern Warfare 3. Showing up for one level and just trickling away isn’t known among the Call of Duty series… maybe more is planned for him in the future or maybe he’s just one of the other characters that got outshined by his competitors.

Sergeant Derek “Frost” Westbrook:

Frost is the main playable character alongside Yuri in Modern Warfare 3. He fights with the player for the majority of the game being lead by Sandman. For a character that plays through the majority of the game with you he just kind of disappears. After Sandman joins Price and Yuri in one of the final stands against Makarov; Frost just disappears. Everyone he fights with continues the last stands against the world’s most dangerous man, along side of other characters the players knows except for Frost. He did not die or get injured like many Call of Duty characters do but he simply just goes away. It can be noticed that he is missing at the start of the mission called “Down the Rabbit Hole”. As he is one of the only characters to survive the Modern Warfare trilogy along with Price, James Ramirez, and Burns; maybe there is something else planned for them in the future.

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