How does Gaming Contribute to Less Face to Face Interaction?

So we already know, with technology on the rise, that people have less face to face interaction with friends or just people in general. When someone wants to talk to someone they send a text, when you want to hear about your friend’s latest vacation you look through their Facebook album… all of these thing affect us as humans. When it comes down to the underlining case of less face to face interaction it could be a number of different things like the computer, Television, or Cell phones but when you look at the smaller picture how does gaming contribute to less face to face interaction?

Gaming is a habit among a lot of people and it does contribute to their social behaviors. Gaming can contribute negatively to a person’s daily interactions in a number of different ways. First of all, we have to take online gaming into consideration. With online gaming being on the rise you have to realize that the players start playing with their friends straight from their couch rather than getting up and going to a friend’s house to hang out and play. The industry has made it increasingly difficult for players to visit face to face if they want to play video games due to the recent lack in same system co-op, lack in same system multiplayer and pass codes. It’s almost like the industry wishes less natural social behaviors on the players.

Another point to be made about gaming’s contribution to less face to face interaction is the fact that players would rather play games then actually go outside and play sports and things. With the Wii, Kinect and Move players have no reason to gather a group of friends together to play actual sports or do other activities. All a person needs is a virtual team to get active and by all means that’s what gamers do.

As there are many problems when it comes to technology taking over people’s lives gaming is a contributor. So next time you think you would rather play your Kinect try taking a jog with a close friend. If you really feel like playing co-op maybe try to find a game that still offers the same system luxury and take it to a friend’s place. Rather you want to admit it or not, face to face interaction is important and peoples love for gaming can take that natural luxury away from them.

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