Epic Games Announces a PC-Only Title

When players think of Epic Games the first thing that comes to mind has got to be Gears of War. With Gears being their huge hit title Epic Games seems to be stepping in new directions after the Gears of War trilogy came to a close last year. Fans were certainly upset at the news of no more Gears but this gives Epic Games a chance to show how great they are in other aspects of gaming as well.

It has been announced by Epic Games president, Mike Capps, and creative lead, Cliff Bleszinski, that Epic Games is indeed working on a new title that is said to be for the PC only. As of now that is the only facts we have about this new title. It can be suspected that having an exclusive PC title could mean that Epic is working on something a little less hardcore then hit franchise, Gears of War, which could possibly result in a social game. Although it is not certain what Epic has up there sleeve we do know that Epic has never failed us in the past and whatever it is they are working on will probably be a sure fire success.

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