5 Most Gruesome Character Deaths of the Gaming Generation

*This articles may contain spoilers for Red Dead Redemption, Saints Row 2, and Modern Warfare 3, Heavy Rain, and Dead Rising; read at your own risk*

Games are filled with heartfelt storylines, memorable characters and of course death. Over the past few years there have been some sad deaths, some sort of satisfying deaths and even some funny deaths but they all have one thing in common and that’s violence and bloodshed. Games execute feeling better than some books and movies and when it comes to killing off characters they usually make it as shocking and gruesome as possible. So over the past few years there has been a lot of bloodshed but which deaths are considered the most gruesome of this time period?

Adam the Clown from Dead Rising

Dead Rising has had its slew of gruesome deaths among all of the installments in the franchise but when it comes to psychopaths one name comes to mind before any other… Adam the clown. Adam the clown is one of the creepiest characters of all time as he is dresses from head to toe in clown outfit while going completely nuts due to the brutal slaying of his audience just as the zombie outbreak started.

After Otis calls Frank West about the “Out of Control” person found by the Space Rider roller coaster in the Wonderland plaza; it is the player’s job to go investigate. If the player decides to go to the coaster then they will be met with the deranged psycho dressed in a clown costume wielding two mini blue chainsaws. After the player defeats this freak, Adam laughs hysterically and collapses to his knees. The two chainsaws that were once used to chop at our favorite photojournalist are left revving on the ground as Adam’s dying body collapses over the blades. The player is then graced with one of the most gruesome cut scenes of the game as the chainsaws rip out Adams insides as he convulses and laughs himself to death. The death of Adam the clown is definitely one of the more gruesome deaths in gaming history.

John Sheppard “Johnny” from Heavy Rain

As Heavy Rain could be played in so many different ways there are plenty of different gruesome deaths that can occur. The reason why this death makes the list is simply because this is the only death that will be seen despite the way the game is played. While in the middle of the player finding out who the kidnapper actually was, the story is forced into the past. It allows the player to play through the killer, John Shelby’s, early life as a child at play with his brother, John. It shows how the boy’s father neglects the children before the run off to play. After the kids decide to play hid and seek, Scott hears his brother calling for help. Once the player finds where John has gone; he is drowning in a broken pipe that is quickly feeling up with water. Scott is determined to help save his brother’s life in a heartfelt cut scene and he runs off to find their father. When he reaches his father, he is far too drunk to care and doesn’t help the boy. Once the youngster returns to the waterway with no aid for his dying brother it shows that the child has drowned right in front of his brother. This explains the crazed obsession Scott developed and why he forces fathers to show love for their son’s in the most extreme matters but it also presents players with one of the most disturbing yet gruesome deaths of this gaming’s generation.

Carlos from Saints Row 2

Carlos is the first Saint the player sees at the start of Saints Row 2. He is the quiet one that is forced into gang life by the player and is seemingly too soft to be in such a criminal organization. After picking a fight with antagonist Marrow of the brotherhood, the Saints are left at a full out gang war. During this dispute no gangster is spared and the sensitive side of Carlos is quickly targeted by the Saints enemy. Carlos is kidnapped by the brotherhood and strapped to the back of a truck in which he is dragged around the city of Stillwater. The player hunts down the vehicle with Carlos attached to the back and kills the driver. When the player goes to Carlos’s rescue the gangster cannot be removed from the back bumper and is too far gone to wait for paramedics. A heartfelt moment where the player takes Carlos by the hand tugs on gamers heartstring as the leader of the Saints has to put the young wannabe gangster out of his misery by shooting him in the head. Carlos was involved with business that he wasn’t cut out for. He was young and not tough enough to fight the war that the Brotherhood brought to the Saints and for that he paid the price of a horribly gruesome death.

John Marston from Red Dead Redemption

So many people fell in love with John Marston back in 2010 when Rockstar released their hit, Red Dead Redemption. With his memorable attitude and all the time the player ends up spending with John throughout the story, it was more than tragic when he met his demise. Considering the man would have probably died of old age before living to this time period; it was the way he died that really came to be such a surprise. John Marston ends up sacrificing himself to Ross’s men after his last stand. John exists the barn and bares a pistol to take out as many of the men surrounding him as possible. He is then shot continually by the army of men until his revolver falls to his knees and lies in his own pool of blood. His family rushes to his aid but it is too late so they bury his body at the top of a hill that overlooks the family’s ranch. For a man with such love and passion he sure died in a gruesome way. The death of John Marston left players heartbroken across the world. Even with the return of our favorite cowboy in Undead Nightmare it still doesn’t make up for the horrid way he went out in Red Dead Redemption. Rest in peace friend…

Makarov from Modern Warfare 3

Being the main antagonist of the Modern Warfare series, players wanted this man dead. Unlike some of the other gruesome deaths in video games Makarov was one of those characters players had been itching to kill for years. After learning he was the primary cause to the destruction cause in all the Modern Warfare games through Yuri in Modern Warfare 3, players wanted this man dead more than ever. It was the gruesome way that he went out that left players so satisfied. Captain Price hunted the enemy down and just as Makarov thought he was going to get away Price flung himself through the air and onto the escaping helicopter. In the helicopter, Price was able to take control and bring the bird down which left Makarov no means of escaping. As Price neared his own death Makarov came close to killing him only to have price saved by Yuri. As all of this is going on, Price loops one of the fallen helicopters cords around the foes neck and breaks the glass under their feet. He rids Makarov’s hanging body to his own safety and watches as Modern Warfare’s worse enemy air is cut from his lungs as he hangs to death. Makarov’s death was one of the more satisfying of deaths in gaming because he was just one of those characters who seemed to have taken so much from the player. The only problem is with him gone where will the Modern Warfare series go next?

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