What is the Biggest Let down of 2012 so far?

Failures of 2012

We are entering the fourth month of the so-called year of the apocalypse and it would seem that way with some of the gaming’s biggest let downs in recent history.  In order to be a let down hopes have to become high for the game or DLC.  With gamers shelling out dollars for pre-order goodies and exclusive DLC.  Just to be slapped in the face by the reality of poor development. So what is the biggest let down of 2012 so far?

Call of Duty: ELITE

Lets start off with the FPS that makes more money than everyone in India, Call of Duty.  The Elite service allows gamers to become penny pinchers and save a couple of dollars on DLC.  As well as download all of the new maps, spec-ops and single player missions before your mommas boyfriend.  However Call of Duty: Elite has been doomed from the very start of its release.  Plagued with a service that didn’t allow individuals to correctly sign up or receive confirmation of Elite via the platform you were using.  Sure that was last year but lets take a look at the mess Activision has made with the DLC drops.  First the DLC is exclusive to Xbox 360 players who subscribe to Elite, so even if you have Elite but play on a PS3, get slapped… no content drops before Xbox 360 fanboys.  Second if you’re a PC owner Elite is still only available to Xbox 360 and PS3 owners.  Third the service has poor playlist options for Elite members making it rather frustrating to play your favorite game type.  As for the development of the maps themselves?  They feel lackluster and playing on them feels like an SAT test of what poor game design is.

Activision is going to need a riot shield after this mess.
Activision is going to need a riot shield after this mess.

Mass Effect 3

Is it just me or did Mass Effect 3 feel like Mass Effect 2.5?  I mean seriously when the movie X2: X-MEN United compares to X3: The Last Stand the latter is utter garbage.  And it feels like that with Mass Effect 3.  Bioware is a great developer however, not only does the story feel underdeveloped, but the whole game.  With no real no ground broken, and a combat system that we have seen in the last game.  ME3 really doesn’t really merit a 60 dollar purchase.  With the ending upsetting every fan across the globe it is safe to say EA and Bioware dug its franchise into a large grave.  The game actually feels catered and watered down on purpose so new gamers that aren’t a fan of ME3 will enjoy it.  What is the point of alienating the fan base so my mom can pick up the controller and play a game like Mass Effect.  This is not only uncalled for it is unfair to me the fan who supported the franchise up to this point so I can be slapped silly with ME3 and its retarded ending and lack of decision-making.

Welcome to Mass Effect 2.5
Welcome to Mass Effect 2.5

Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City

Capcom hasn’t been making good decisions lately and Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City continues that trend.  Everything about this game is cool on paper.  Yet Slant Six Games just couldn’t wait to ruin that idea.  With poor AI that choose to run into walls rather than shoot zombies, this should be unheard of in 2012.  But it’s not it can be found in this game Resident Evil: ORC.  Not only that but the game is a squad based shooter, which means you work with your squad to take down bad guys right?  WRONG, this game does not allow you to have any control what so ever of your “squad”.  At least we understand that this game is a shooter so… if you point and shoot enemies will die right?  WRONG AGAIN!!!  Why is it that if you unload a full clip into a zombie in the face they don’t die, yet you shot 1 shot and the same zombie dies instantly.  The development of this game is down right terrible and the selling of this game should be deemed illegal in all countries.

No wonder it didn't have a holiday release!
No wonder it didn’t have a holiday release!

Ninja Gaiden 3

Bad.  That is the only way to describe this horrible game that really should be the savior of our list.  Sadly the fans of Ninja Gaiden are appalled as they realize Team Ninja would rather play Fruit Slice than develop this game.  ITS TERRIBLE, and it is extremely uncalled for that this game sucks this bad.  From an arm that stops you from attacking foes for no reason other than to hinder your actions during gameplay.  To a script that is worse than the movie Skyline, yep the movie references keep coming.  Ninja Gaiden 3 should be given away for free as it offers no challenge what so ever.  From repetitive boss battles and foes alike and lets not even talk about the multiplayer.  Which feels cheaper than an item on McDonald’s dollar menu.  If anything deserves a refund it is all the gamers that picked up this game.



Notable Mentions of other crap being released: AMY, I am Alive, Blades of Time, *cough* PS Vita, Ridge Racer: Unbound, Neverdead, Twisted Metal… you mad bro?


Do you feel that another game needs to be added to this list?  Make it known by commenting below!

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