7 Things Every Mario Fan Should Have in Their Closet

Cosplay is common among gamers of all ages but how are you supposed to dress if you don’t want to dress exactly in your favorite characters costume. Costumes don’t call for everyday life however, your need to show your love for games do. The Super Mario franchise has been around for years and with it has come a lot of Cosplay and other everyday clothing alternatives. In today’s gaming society players can show their love for this Italian plumber and his friends in so many ways. Below is a list of clothing and accessories every Super Mario fan is sure to love!

Mario Shoes

There are a lot of shoes out there that have Mario and friends pictures on them; a lot being fan made. As fan made art for the series is some of the most talented work out there, these sure are actually made by Nike (There are also a pair of Mario shoes made by Converse). Notice the bright colors; this pair of shoes is finished with a classic picture of Mario near the heel. The reason every Mario fan should have a pair of these in their closet is because they can get a hold of them. I have seen other Mario shoes that I find neater looking that are made by fans however these shoes can be obtained by most Mario fans!

Mario Nails

This is not a purchasable item on the list and it will take a lot of skill to get your nails looking like this but we have to admit it is cool. It is unknown how much time this actually took but with the precision used and the way there is a different character on each nail, we can imagine that this took quite a bit of time. Each nail presents a different item or enemy seen on Mario games on a white background. If you’re an artist with the right set of nail polish colors maybe you can get your nails to look as cool as these nails do.

Bowser Jacket

When it comes to Mario games we have to recognize the villains too. If you want to look like the ultimate gamer bad boy then you might want to pick up this Bowser jacket for your wardrobe. Notice the stance of our favorite villain on the front of the coat as well as the printed Bowser spikes that will trail up and down each arm. Once you put this thing on you are sure to turn a few heads. Beware of picking up on ladies in this jacket though. Your bad boy Bowser attitude will probably reflect on your true princess snatching ways.

Piranha Plant Earrings

Bring attention to your ears with these piranha plant earrings. The piranha looks as if it is biting the ear of its wearer with its precise and accurate finish. This looks exactly like the dangerous Mario enemies and was made by a very dedicated Mario fan. These one of a kind earrings are so unique and accurate I’m not sure how someone could event wear them! It will take a lot of time and practice to sculpt an earring exactly like this but in the end it would sure be a pay off once your efforts get noticed out in public!

Toad Bennie Cap Hat

Check out this Hand knitted toad hat. Look like your favorite mushroom headed friend with this hat tight around your head. If you don’t know how to knit and you want to get your hands on one of these then you are going to be stuck in quite a dilemma. If you can’t get your mom or grandma to help you get a hold of one of these and you have no time to learn the knitting ways then you might want to kiss your chances of getting this hand-made Toad hat good buy… or you can always check eBay; there’s a world full of crafty knitters there.

Mario Kart Charm Bracelet

Above is a picture of a Super Mario Kart charm bracelet. This obviously isn’t your average charm bracelet as it is made up of items from Mario’s favorite racing game. It is made up of a number of different charms like banana peels, mushrooms and Mario games box art. These charms are unique and make this bracelet a must have for and die hard Mario fan.

Mario Bros. Glasses Case

If you’re like me you store your glasses in a plain colored container… how boring. Who wanted to store there spec’s in those plain old things when a Mario Bros. glasses case exists? Take a look at the brother’s classic pose on the front of the container. What the world would think when you pulled your glasses out of this trendy case! The only downside to this case is that it is only available in child’s size. So if you have small glasses or reading glasses this still might work for you but other than that you will have to stare with envy at the next child that passes you by with the Mario Bros. glasses case.

All of these items are to die for and are obtainable to most Mario fans while others are fan made. Every item on this list is rare however you may be able to get a hold of them through a number of different websites or eBay. Looking at all these items shows a true passion and talent among gamers. What I’d give to have my closet consist of all these items!

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