Modern Warfare 3 Elite DLC Drop Gives Us ‘Overwatch’ Map and FIVE NEW PRESTIGES!

Modern Warfare 3 COD Elite Drop 'Overwatch'

This was a bit of a surprise as we new that Call of Duty Elite would have its 3rd DLC Drop for Modern Warfare 3 with the map ‘Overwatch’. The map adds to the other 2 maps available to Elite members only on the Xbox 360 as of now, with the ability to play them in multiplayer or in Spec Ops Survival. I sure as hell didn’t expect the team to drop five extra prestige’s making it 15 times you can hit that prestige button to level up all over again. Each time gaining another unique symbol as well as other perks of the prestige, new to the Call of Duty franchise with Modern Warfare 3.

The five extra prestige’s are not limited to COD Elite members and are available to everyone. But next month Xbox 360 Elite Members will get their hands on two brand new Spec Ops Missions as well as a new map. Playstation 3 owners will get the 400 new ranks with 5 new prestige levels to be added in the next patch on Feb 28th. Elite Members on the PS3 will have to wait until early March for this DLC Drop while non Elite Members are currently taking up the but as they are really missing out seeing that they will be getting it even later then that.

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