Call of Duty: Overrated Multiplayer but Underrated Single Player…

Call of Duty is a house hold name because, quite simply, it has been an amazing game for years (with the exception of a few misses). The franchise has pretty much taken over the gaming industry and continues to sit happily on it’s thrown. When you ask your friends what it is about Call of Duty that they enjoy so much it is likely you will hear a thunderous “Multiplayer!” as a response. This is an answer that seems very deserving for a game that has had such iconic multiplayer throughout the years; however, many gamers turn a blind eye to the single player story mode.

This is more than annoying because there have been several accounts that players have taunted others for appreciating every aspect of the game. These multiplayer fiends say comments like “who buys this game for single player… it’s all about multiplayer!”, “Who gives about the story of Call of Duty”, or “who even bothers to pay attention to a story on a game like this?”. These comments are so frustrating! After years of playing the same type of multiplayer it has gotten a little old and it is now a bit overrated. However, one thing always changes in this series and it is the single player storyline. Of course you get the same game play but with stunning cinematic, an outstanding plot and irreplaceable characters; this aspect of Call of Duty has been overlooked; drowned out by the multiplayer fans.

Multiplayer in the Call of Duty series has to be one of the most overrated modes in gaming history. Running around aimlessly shooting people from across a map can be fun but how long can you talk about one game? People are addicted to leveling up process and getting a hold of the massive amount of new guns. Gamers love to trash talk and show each other they are the best at the game and for years Call of Duty has been the gaming community’s hub for online multiplayer. In all honestly, after being a fan for years it can get a bit old which is why I say the once spectacular, new, original multiplayer has become overrated. As attached as I am to the multiplayer on Call of Duty (believe me I have been sucked into the addictive dark hole of COD multiplayer) I can say there are a lot more people out there raving about its glory then taking a look at the big picture… the game as a whole. I feel horribly bad for saying such a thing about a game that has pretty much changed my life but some people feel more strongly about killing random fools online more than I do. When I think of Call of Duty I think of it as the whole package not just a multiplayer mode.

Single player in the Call of Duty series has been pushed under the rug because of how many people love the multiplayer. For a game as iconic as Call of Duty it was more than the competitive multiplayer that brought it to the top of the food chain. I have become attached to the characters in almost every game in there series as well as grew accustomed to each of the levels, guns available and different enemies. I have spent countless hours indulging in beating the game on each and every difficulty as well as obtaining all enemy intelligence just to unlock more of that cunning story. I’m not asking anyone to forget about multiplayer because I know that can be addicting, I’m only asking those who actually never gave a thought to single play to just go and give it a try. The single player story offers a different feeling toward Call of Duty as a whole. Around six out of ten Call of Duty players started playing multiplayer when they bought the game before thinking about single player. At least three of those six people still haven’t tried playing through the story. Online game play will still be there just give single player a shot also.

Call of Duty has been undoubtedly iconic and most of gamers have played and loved the game. Over the years Call of Duty has recently came into a slew of negative comments…Why? … Not because it is not enjoyable, not because there is a flaw in the game, and not because other games out there are better. The simple truth is, gamers are tired of the same thing. As much as the series has changed its multiplayer in terms of weapons, kill streaks and maps; it is still a military first-person shooter. Call of Duty didn’t make the flaw in why we consider it overrated it was the gaming industry that took a turn that made gamers tired of playing the same game type. There are a number of different military first-person shooters out there now. Playing each of them over and over will get old which is why Call of Duty receives all the hateful comments. If you are feeling unhappy with Call of Duty then pick up a different type of game for a while. Even with the release of a new Call of Duty every year you would feel a whole lot more appreciation for the game if you spent time playing other types of games. Come November everyone will be happy to get a hold of the new title as long as they haven’t killed themselves playing the last.

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  1. COD4 was good
    WaW had garbage single player
    MW2 had a bad single player
    Black ops was ok
    MW3 has an ok single player, its ending was good.

    the multiplayer is over rated, but single player isn’t… COD4 had the best of both worlds though.

  2. “Call of Duty didn’t make the flaw in why we consider it overrated it was the gaming industry that took a turn that made gamers tired of playing the same game type. There are a number of different military first-person shooters out there now.”

    There weren’t tons of military shooters out until COD4 made them extremely popular, then everyone tried playing catchup and copying.

  3. As with most gaming websites, I recommend you hire an editor:

    “I have become attached to the characters in almost every game in there series as well as grew accustomed to each of the levels, guns available and different enemies.”

  4. There’s a reason why people don’t bother with the single player. It’s because they’re honestly not that good. CoD4 had a truly memorable campaign. I can still remember moments like the opening presidential execution, the storming of the cargo ship, sneaking through chernobyl and getting nuked in the middle east. Everything since has been solid but nothing groundbreaking. Black Ops did stand out though. It had quite an interesting and engaging plot in a time period which felt fresh.

    WaW? Decent but nothing special. Plus you could tell they were trying too hard with the gore.

    MW2? Downright retarded. You have to break out Makarov’s, “worst enemy” who turns out to be Soap. General Shepherd wants to be a war hero so he basically starts World War 3. It was so absurd.

    MW3? A solid plot but again nothing stands out. Also way too short and way too flashy. By that I mean that nearing the end of the short campaign I was already bored of the explosive, action packed scenes. It felt like every 5 seconds something was crashing, or collapsing, or falling or blowing up, Too much “style” and not enough substance.

    Don’t get me wrong. I have beat them all on Veteran and done multiple play throughs. Even got the platinum trophy in MW2 but I still maintain that the campaigns don’t really deserve any extra recognition as they are most forgettable experiences.

  5. usrev2 is hilarious. WaW had an amazing singleplayer, one of the best, because it obviously plays into history well. Now to the main article, I agree with what you are arguing, it is frustrating to me as well b/c I love playing the single player first, or at least most of it before going online.

    As for the online, its hard to say what they can do to revolutionize the fps multiplayer genre again…its like; where can they go from here? Of course they will find a way, but until the next engine comes out for CoD we wont see anything revolutionary. In the mean time I will still be happy with their multiplayer is it is still the staple of online gaming today, even though the rest of the fps genre is catching up or surpassing it now I might add.

  6. ABSOLUTELY! COD’s multiplayer can’t hang with Bad Company 2 or Battlefield 3. But both BC2 and BF3 campaigns blew compared to most of the COD games.

    As Hogan would say, “Right on brother!”

  7. COD4’s campaign – Great
    WaWs campaign – Ok
    MW2’s Campaign – Good
    Black Ops campaign – Great
    MW3’s Campaign – Good.

    I agree. I love COD as a package.

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