5 Games NOT to Play with Your Date on V-Day!

1P HATES 2P!!! Date

A couple days ago I wrote an article on the games you SHOULD be playing with your soul mate. This article will address the top 5 games you SHOULDN’T play with your loved one. From games that encourage women with little clothing, to those who allow you to blow up stuff none stop. Let’s take a look at what your mate puts up with over the year and why you shouldn’t play these games if you know what is good for your relationship. Hopefully you are able to take this advice seriously if you want to have a date next year for Valentine’s Day.

5. Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball

DOA Xteme Beach Volleyball Date

DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball starts us off with busty babes galore. What better way than to ask your date for a litte friendly co-op at DOA beach. However not only will you be visiting this resort full of luscious women with Xtreme physics. You’ll be able to see the look on your dates face as she watches in horror. While you’re telling your swim suit model what to wear and flirt with a virtual woman. Pick one of many swim suits and find the perfect pose in the oh so lovely g-string, just don’t expect your date to show you hers after this.

4. Rumble Roses XX

Rumble Roses XX Date

Wrestling and scantily clad women is a match made in heaven. However, on Valentine’s Day with your girlfriend while firing up Rumble Roses XX is an equation for disaster! Don’t expect your woman to pin you down after this one. She will have left the ring long after the bouncy broads walk to the ring with utter misery. From school girls to barely there outfits these girls are missing the ability to take each other’s clothes off. I’m sure after your date see’s this one her clothes will be on tight!

3. Barbie: Horse Adventures

Barbie: Horse Adventures Date

Stereotypes anyone? This is the message your date will get after sitting down in front of the TV to find Barbie: Horse Adventures. Telling a woman exactly what she should like and care about is just wrong. Barbie to say the least might be the easiest way for her to find out your heart is nothing but plastic. Don’t expect to be her Ken doll on V-day if the two of you are playing this, rather than going out on that perfect date. You will scar this poor woman for life after you try and talk your way out of this one. Just don’t expect a call back or her to be on your facebook friends list.

2. Leisure Suit Larry: Manga Cum Laude

Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum-Laude Date

If any game on this list will leave your special someone in Shock and Awe, it is Leisure Suit Larry. This game allows you to exploit drunken college women as well as those trying to make it by being strippers. From over the top antics found in the mini game you see above. In this mini-game is to try and get the semen to the end of the trail of happy faces without getting too drunk. To obscure awkward moments in the game leaving you say… “Really did I just witness that?” One example is found when you dress up as a tree trunk mascot and have your way with a lovely lady. Just remember if you play this one with your wife to get in the mood, put the kids to bed beforehand!

1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Date

Now why on earth would you enter the land of Call of Duty on V-day! You do it all the time from sunrise to sunset, you know who you are. Trying to get that oh so awesome M.O.A.B. but on Valentine’s Day …REALLY? Do yourself a favor if you want to score a point streak for your relationship, put the controller down and give your honey some sugar(Kiss Candies) and make sure she feels all dolled up. Remember Call of Duty will still be there after Valentine’s Day, your special lady friend might not be.

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