3 Things that should have been Added to The Sims 3/Sims 3 Pets (Console version)

Note: I play The Sims on console not PC. I know the PC has a ton more options available. I am unaware if any of these things are on the PC so

please be understanding if the PC allows you to do any of the following.

The Sims series has been iconic to the gaming community for years. Its originality and vast variety of customization options set this game apart from any other game out there. It is just about the only game on the shelf that allows you to live a life that you completely sculpt yourself; from career, to house, to who is family and who is a friend… the choice is yours. With the release of The Sims 3 and The Sims 3 Pet for consoles over the past two years I have been more than excited to get my hands on this iconic game again on my preferred system. I have grown addicted to learning every skill, completing every challenge, and getting to the top of every career path offered. With that said there are still a few minor tweaks that would have made this game even better then the addiction it has already bestowed into my life.

3. Ability to pick gender of baby:

When someone starts up a game of The Sims, they are starting at the bottom; little to no money,
small house, no friends, and no job. When I get into my household I like to make things as simple as possible so I can automatically start building the life of my Sim just the way I want it to be. In a circumstance like this it is not the best idea to start a game with a child. If you do not start The Sims 3 or The Sims 3 Pets with a child and decide to have one later in the
game then the gender will not be up to you. Like I said before this series is all about making it your own but when it comes down to it your whole Sims life could be taken in a completely different direction because you do not get to choose the gender of your baby.

One thing that would have made this game even more near and
dear to me is if you got to choose the gender of the child. Sure you can turn your console on and off until you get the right one but in all honesty it would be a lot easier if the option to choose male, female or random was available.

2. Co-op:

In previous Sims titles the option to play co-op with a friend was opened. I remember playing a few of these titles for days on end with my sister. We would each take control of a Sim and make them our own. It was similar to living in a house together (as we did in real life) except we got to do anything and everything we wanted. These where special times and before the co-op mode was available it was something I would have never guessed was
possible on a Sims game.

If either The Sims 3 or The Sims 3 Pets had co-op the game could have been revolutionary. As unique as the game is already a cooperative mode could have been available same system or online so that players would be able to play with their friend no matter the distance. In a co-op mode players would be able to see their friend’s unique customization of property and Sims. This would be a huge addition to the game that is sure to leave every fan happy; weather they prefer to play alone or not.

1. Customizable Neighborhoods:

One of the things I loved prior Sims game’s for was the ability to customize the whole neighborhood. On previous titles, even on consoles, the player was able to go into any house on the game, use their own name, make the house look however they pleased and customize every Sim that lived there. When the neighborhood was completely customized then all the characters you made interacted with each other instead of the random characters the game makes. This way the player was able to make all of their friend in real life, enemies as well, and make them all have the feelings towards each other that they would have in person. Why making a virtual life just like my real life is so fun; I don’t know. But having the option to recreate every household on the game was special to me. It is the biggest aspect of previous titles in The Sims series I wish were brought back for the past two titles released for consoles.

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