Gaming News From The First Week of 2012

First Week of 2012 News

– Rumor: Wii U to get its own app store. According to The Daily, Nintendo is planning to introduce a full blown app store for the Wii U containing a wider variety of apps and will beyond what is possible on DSi Shop or Wii Shop Channel.

Renegade Ops is named as’s game of the 2011 and Best Console Download Game on

– Soul Calibur V Soundtrack includes composers such as Hiroki Kikuta, Cris Velasco (God of War, Darksiders), Inon Zur (Dragon Age, Crysis), Andrew “zircon” Aversa and Junichi Nakatsuru audio director for the game but has worked on every Soulcalibur released. The limited edition soundtrack available January 31st, 2012 includes 3 CDs and a single DVD with behind the scenes footage. The Collector’s Edition of Soul Calibur V comes with the soundtrack as well just not with all the extra goodies. Listen to samples of it here.

Bastion Surpasses 500K Copies Sold

UFC Personal Trainer gets its first DLC workout pack. The Urijah Faber Workout Pack features 5 new workout routines, 15 new Hit the Mitts drills and an Undisputed Trainee Achievement. This Achievement will provide anyone who purchases the game UFC Undisputed 3 for the Xbox 360, with a Create-a-Fighter boost, saving them 8-10 hours in gameplay time. Future DLC for the game will be the ‘Cain Velasquez Workout Pack’ and the ‘Jon Jones Workout Pack’ each running you 800 Microsoft Points.

Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics will reveal a new IP this year.

Super Meat Boy has sold over 1 million units to date.

– Rumour: Apple will launch the iTV in Q3 2012 according to DigiTimes. The TV will even support Siri apparently.

– Ubisoft Q&A for I Am Alive.

– Disney’s Epic Mickey 2 has accidentally been revealed in a newsletter announcing it and then quickly editing it, taking out anything about a sequel.

– Nintendo Sold 12 Million U.S. Hardware Units in 2011. 3DS has four million unit sales in the US from that number.

– Rise of Nightmares Demo (for Kinect) now available on Xbox Live for Gold Members. Add to your instant download queue.

– More proof of the unannounced God of War IV here.

– Brian Crecente quits Kotaku… psst Brian… WE ARE HIRING.

– Supergiant’s next game won’t be a sequel to Bastion. – Source

– Bob Anderson, one of the five actors who played Darth Vader has passed away. He was the stuntman battled against Luke in the Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

– Star War: The Old Republic is temporary banning players for playing the game wrong. Players have been visiting Ilum below their character Level allows them too (40) as well as opening boxes to find high level loot but it is the developers fault for letting the area and boxes to be accessible. Here is the thread on the Bioware forums.

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